I am currently going through the process of re-reading The Legend of Buddy Hero for the purposes of seeing where the book fails.  It’s been an incredibly enlightening process so far.  Due to hearing my book being read aloud late last year, I became aware of weaknesses in the storytelling and had long intended to re-read the book with a fresh mind, hoping to find those weaknesses.

In the process, I’ve found many.  But what I’ve found even more interesting is that my writing style and abilities changed drastically between Buddy and The Agora Files.  Many of the failures I see while reading my first novel, are things that I believe I excelled at in my second book.  Perhaps this is due to some form of subconscious knowledge of my failures the first time around.

But it’s exciting as well.  I now, for the first time since I last tried doing anything with the book, have a clear vision of what needs to be done to make the book much more solid.  Where I had previously seen the book as something that was alright, my new vision makes it something that I believe actually constitutes a great book.  Of course, the actual implementation of my new intended changes has yet to be seen, but it definitely shows how much can be learned just by doing some damned writing.

So, with that all being said, I’m going to keep today’s post short.  I’m really wanting to finish the read-thru so I can get back to revising.  I’ve got some really great additions and changes that I’m eager to get into this manuscript.  If I can pull this off the way I intend, it shouldn’t be long before I feel much more comfortable with the idea of trying to sell it. . . even if that’s as a self-published novel.

Have a good one.


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