Wisconsin politics are, as the nation is already well aware, “nuts-o”.

But they are, I believe, about to get a helluva lot worse.

I’ve never been one to join either side of America’s partisan politics.  It’s partially due to my childhood being brought up as a Democrat-hating Christian, mostly because I hate having to take sides in a battle where I don’t believe either side deserves to be the victor.

Short side-note childhood story: I remember being in kindergarten (or maybe 1st grade, sometime way back when) and the race was on for the presidency between Bush and Dukakis.  My Christian Day School held a little school election just for kicks.  I, knowing incredibly little about politics at that point, as most children do at that age, didn’t really have much to go on.  Apparently politics must not have been talked about much in my home, as I didn’t really have any preconceived notions about either of the candidates.  So, I voted, probably based purely on looks, for Dukakis.  Since this wasn’t a private ballot, I was immediately teased by my classmates for not choosing Bush. . . Maybe that’s when my dislike for politics began.

All the same, the political atmosphere in Wisconsin has been crazy for a while now.  This still seems so surreal to me, as before the most recent elections, I felt that Wisconsin was a pretty mellow state, politically speaking.  In fact, looking at the history of the state’s politics, we’ve been very forward moving, and generally happily so.  Then Mr. Walker came into office.

I remember the Democrats in the state screaming at the fact that he was elected.  I remember thinking that was a bit over the top.  I mean, he hadn’t done anything yet.  They were pissed because a Republican took the office that’s been fairly liberal for years.  And not just any Republican, a Tea Party Republican.

Partisan politics at their best.

But Walker did nothing to make things better.  Immediately after he got his new office (well, actually, before) he began toting the party line, with a very big stick.  Many are aware of the battle he wages against unions, but there were several other big things he attacked right away, such as wind/solar power initiatives, medical marijuana, and, well, you know, all those things that those goofy liberals love.

So, the divide between the two sides of the party line grew, and it grew quickly.

Then the recall came about.  Honestly, I can understand that want for a recall.  I mean, this guy isn’t about bettering the state, he’s about pushing his politics through the process as quickly as possible, not caring how it might negatively effect someone.

However, as should have been expected, this only made things worse.  Many more bills began getting passed through as fast as possible, as well as some rather odd choices as repealing the equal pay for women act.  Everyone knew this was a power struggle. . . Walker was trying to show that there was no struggle, he has the power.

This is not a guy you want in office.  Not in the least.  Unfortunately, if my powers of prediction are still effective. .  .there’s no good way to get him out of office.  Obviously, if he wins the re-election, he will be feeling pretty darn good about himself.  He will not only continue to use his power in whatever way he wants, he will begin to feel unbeatable.  He will get worse.  Way worse.

On the other side of the coin, the Democrats could win all the elections and take the state back.  They will want to flex their new-found political muscles right away and, well, you’ll see the state once again swinging wildly in one direction.  I may appreciate many of the ideals of the Democratic party, but if left un-checked, they can pose a dangerous threat.  And even if you don’t believe that, you should be able to believe that the Republicans in this state will be just as pissed as the Democrats were with Walker. . . meaning the process will cycle again.  I don’t know how the recall process works with a recall election, but I can guarantee you that the Republicans will figure out something quickly on that.

There is, of course, another option.  One party will win the governorship, the other will take over the Senate.  Since both parties are, and will continue to be, so pissed at each other, Wisconsin will suffer in the same way the U.S. government has been suffering.  There will be no discussion between the two sides, nothing will get done, and we will be in a constant state of arguing about the most stupid of topics.

There’s a chance that we will get the one other option. . . but that depends on getting a whole bunch of people in office with these elections that happen in a couple weeks that are willing to cooperate, no matter what party they are in.  We will need to get people from both parties in office, but they will all have to be people capable (and more importantly, willing) to work across party lines to get our state into shape.

Otherwise, the best we can hope for is that our state just becomes a giant political joke to the rest of the nation. . . because what’s most likely in store is a group of elected officials who have forgotten that they are there to fight for what’s best for the state and will instead fight for what’s best for their party.

In other words. . . June 5th seriously scares me.


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