Radio Silence

I’ve been pretty quiet in the internet world for the past week or so.  This has been mostly unintentional.  I’ve had quite a lot on my mind with the fact that I’ve come to the realization that breaking into the publishing industry is an insurmountable task.  Working through in my head how to go about continuing to write without it being a completely pointless pursuit has been one that has tasked my mental processes pretty heavily.

However, life has really been what’s gotten in the way.  Sick kids, sick wife, and just standard life stuff has made for a fairly busy couple of weeks.

I aim to change all that starting this week.  I’ve got a new project in mind that I’ve already begun putting the pieces together on, and I’m hoping to finally get to the revisions I have been mulling over for Buddy Hero.

It’s kind of exciting, even if the pain of rejection is still stinging from my most recent attempts at finding representation.

I’m amped up about starting to write again.  The past couple weeks of no writing (and I suppose the month prior where my attention was too heavily focused on attempting to sell The Agora Files) have not been as enjoyable as it is to just sit down and put words on the page.

Also working on an older project in my mind. . . trying to find a way to make it happen.

For a long time I’ve considered the idea of owning a farm.  My grandfather was a farmer and for whatever reason, it seemed like it was something I should do as well.  Now, the stupid thing is, I’m not so much of a gardener.  I’ve made a few attempts at it, some have succeeded, some have failed.  But it’s something I’ve really wanted to do with my life, something I see as being an important thing to do in today’s world (as farming has become too corporate of an activity), and something where I believe I can really leave some form of a legacy.  As well as something I believe I could really enjoy doing on a daily basis, even if I end up failing.

I love working with my hands, I love getting dirty.  And farming allows for one very important thing. .  .seeing the fruit of your labors.

So, one thing that’s been taking my time as of late is looking for land and trying to come up with a way to finance this pet project I’ve been delaying for too long.  We’ll see if it actually comes about. . .

But, today, gonna write.  It’s gotta happen.

Have a good one.


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