I Miss Writing

I know, you want to check out my Writer’s Voice entry.  It’s here.

Life has officially gotten in the way of any form of writing lately.  And that makes me sad.  Heck, even this site has barely been touched over the course of the last weekend.  I’ve been really wanting to work on these new projects I’ve got laid out in front of me, but they just haven’t been happening.  Heck, I’ve barely even had time to read lately.

It’s sad.

In fact, whenever I do actually find the time to try to get some stuff done in the literary world, I find that it’s mostly taken up by researching and querying new agents, as well as trying to find info on how much longer I’ll have to wait back on the many I’ve queried, and the few that are currently reading my manuscript.

I also haven’t really moved too far forward on the revisions that were requested (mostly because they were rather confusing).

I want to write. . . but I’m stuck on the business end of it, and that makes me sad.

However, this week, both kids seem to be able-bodied once again, and back in daycare, which means I can actually get my tasks done at my job much more efficiently, and should be able to make progress on the house and yard tasks that have been glaring at me this past week. . . which means, in theory, I may actually find some time to sit down and be creative once again. . . I hope.

But until then, I’m going to put all the focus I have left into getting these last few queries out on the 5-10 agents I’ve still got on my to-research/query list and try to actually outline my next few projects.

And hopefully. . . really hopefully. . . I’ll actually get around to writing a few of the pieces of short stories I’ve been wanting to get out.  They’re not going to be anything exciting, I guarantee, but just something to keep me sharp, keep me moving.  Because the longer I’m not actually writing, the more I lose my edge I’ve been building. . . and with how strong my prose has been getting, I’d hate to backslide.

Anyways, this is just to say that I have absolutely nothing of worth to put in this space yet again.

This is nothing new to regular readers of this space, as not too much generally happens around here, seeing as I try to save my good stuff for the page.  For the new readers hopping over from The Writer’s Voice, I apologize. . . should really have something more interesting for you.

Anyhoo, gotta get back to the grind. . . have a good one.


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