Sick Day (cont.)

Looking for my Writer’s Voice entry?  It’s here.

Jeez this week has been crazy.  The start of the week looked like it was going to be highly productive.  I began my Monday tackling tasks like none other.  I had plans to begin writing again, as I have some really fun ideas for what I want to write next (although not completely sold on which project I wish to begin at this point) and really wanted to begin writing my new fun stuff for this site.

Then my infant son got sick.  Although his mood has not really been hampered by the rash he developed, he has not been allowed back into daycare so as to contain the contagion.  My daughter then, that same night, got hit by some sort of the flu and after a gigantor puke, ended up spending the day at home as well.  Needless to say, it was difficult enough to get all that was needed to be done as required by my employer, not much else happened.

Of course, there was also The Writer’s Voice competition keeping my attention away from other important duties. . . and still is, to a certain degree.

Anyways, so, today, son’s still home, but wife is done with work and will be taking care of him, daughter’s at daycare, so I actually have a bit of my time back today.  Unfortunately, most of that will be spent catching up on the things that didn’t get done the rest of this week.

However, since I like to try to put something out here daily during the week, I figured I’d give an update on the previous few days.  I’ll hopefully have the time next week to start moving forward on these multitude of projects I have on the horizon.

Of course, next week is when The Writer’s Voice competition should be heating up. . . and if I get through the first round, I can see my attention getting pulled away quickly.  Which means there will be a heavy dose of will-power necessary.

We’ll see.

Have a great weekend everybody!


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