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I just so happen to have beat out the hordes and actually made it into the first stage of The Writer’s Voice multi-blog contest dealie.  Details of the contest can be found on Cupid’s site here.  As part of the contest, they ask that I put my query letter info and the first 250 words of the book out here on my blog.

So, without further ado:


Runner: A young man or woman, aged 12-18, involved in the illegal transportation of goods.

When dying alone on the hot sands of the Mohave Desert, Cyrus has no regrets.  He loves a challenge.   Being tasked with running from San Francisco to Boston in fifteen days, while the United States government and a host of bounty hunters hunt for him, sounds like fun.   Being at death’s door only a day into his trip doesn’t faze him either.  It’s when he’s joined by fellow runner Eve, bringing new emotions to the surface, he sees his confidence crack.

THE AGORA FILES is an action-packed young adult dystopian adventure novel set in the year 2015.  Although it is intended as the first in a trilogy documenting Cyrus and Eve’s involvement in America’s New Revolution, it is written as a stand-alone novel.  The first book, complete at 78,000 words, focuses on Cyrus’ development from a cocky, disinterested young man, to a man in need of making a decision where to place his allegiance.

The First 250 Words:

Chapter 1

It doesn’t matter how many times I’ve done this before; every single run feels just like the first.  Today’s run is nothing to get worked up about, just a couple miles, littered with alleys to cover my back the whole way. But my heart is pumping fast. Really fast. It’s not like I’m scared or anything. I’m awesome at what I do. And I love it. Knowing every second means I could be caught is the perfect way to spend any day. But still, for some reason my heart is racing even faster than normal.

I slip my headphones over my ears and look down at my MP3 player. Other runners believe you need the use of all your senses to run. I get it. You need every ability at your disposal to keep yourself ahead of the Street Patrols. But I need the music. It keeps me alert. Alive. I open my running playlist and take a look.

I can’t help but think of how much money I could get for this little device. Getting to choose what you want to listen to, well, that’s completely unheard of.  The SPs would love to catch me holding onto this. They’ve been looking for any excuse to lock me up for ages. Luckily they can’t search me. That’s one of the nice things about being under the Age of Accountability.  Too bad those days are numbered.

I can’t decide and hit the random button.  Low Rider by War starts up.  I close my eyes and let the beat roll over me.  I feel my heartbeat slow. I lift my head and open my eyes. I pull my hood over my ears and look to the terrain in front of me. And I run.






60 Replies to “The Writer’s Voice”

    1. Thanks! Hoping to get back and read all the entries later today. (gotta get an idea of the competition 🙂 ) But I wanted to make sure to wish everyone well. This should be fun, even if I get tossed out first round.

    1. Yeah, the whole idea of the mp3 player was a little experimental when I started writing, but I think it adds another layer to the story. Thanks for the well wishing–same back to you again.

    1. Thanks! The bits I’ve been reading of the different queries is getting me nervous. A bunch of good stuff out there.

    1. Thanks. I’m hoping to have some time to read through yours later. Got a sick kid on my hands today keeping me busy.

  1. Fellow Writers Voice entrant checking in – howdy!

    I love a good anti-hero, and this looks like a very good one. Nice entry. Good luck in the contest!

    1. Thanks. He’s an odd-ball for an anti-hero. . . probably more of a reluctant hero if anything :-).
      Good luck to you!

  2. Great set-up of this world. You gave us a good view into the m.c. and the setting, and hints at possible conflicts to come. I’m a sucker for dystopian YA anyway. Good luck, and thanks for stopping by my blog earlier too!

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