What a Difference a Weekend Makes

So, although exhausted from a weekend with a teething infant, I have made it to Monday and feel quite a lot better than I had going into the weekend.  That says a lot.  Here I am, in the exact same holding pattern I was in on Friday, ready to take the world by storm.  I’ve got a whole wealth of ideas that I want to start on, including one that has been flopping around in my skull for over a year which could be considered a lot of fun, although a whole bunch of work to pull off.

And that leaves me with a whole new issue. . . which one to tackle first.  The year old idea which has received new growth through a new understanding of how it should be performed is the one I’d really like to work on, but will take work.  A heckuva lot of work.  And that work would continue on for an indefinite period of time, considering what the project actually is.  It also involved bringing multiple people together in order to do it right.  One of the reasons I moved away from writing screenplays (for the purposes of self-producing) is that it’s too darned difficult to get other people to dedicate themselves to ideas they aren’t completely sold on, especially since they have their own jobs and what not.  I could, in theory, change my methods and take on the tasks of all these different people I have in consideration, but I believe that would detract from the idea of the project and, honestly, make it a lot less fun.  Not to mention, a ton more work for me.

So. . . considerations are going into place.

In other news, I’m still hammering out the details for changing the point of this blog.  I feel like I’m constantly releasing a whole bunch of unimportant news, mostly about me, someone that people really shouldn’t care about.  At least not yet.  So, instead, I’m thinking this should be a place to showcase my talents more than discuss them.

I’m not sure entirely how I’m going to go about this, and the plans will be modified in the event I am unable to secure representation for my new book.  But as of right now, the plan is to start working on a series of short stories for the purposes of populating this blog with more interesting content.

Since short stories can take even more work than actually writing a novel, as the writing has to be clever enough to tell a story in a short space, I’m not sure how many of these I’ll actually be able to crank out.  Brevity has not been known to be my strong suit.

But as of right now, the tentative plan is to limit the stories to approximately 1000 words and to release them on a semi-regular basis.  This will allow me to keep being creative while dealing with the more business-y sides of writing, while also giving this site some (hopefully) interesting content instead of constant status updates on my mood and lack of status updates on my books.

Still working on the deets, as already stated, but thought I’d toss out a heads up.  I don’t believe this will be polished stories, as polish has never been the point of this site.  And that’s something that causes me a slight amount of concern.  However, we’ll see.  I’ve got a cabinet full of ideas I’ve been planning on tossing out due to the inability of being able to pursue them appropriately in a novel format.  Perhaps they might be worth an afternoon of attention as I put some words to the paper.  Be forewarned. . . these could be crap.

So, for now, I just want to say that I’m feeling better, like a new man, almost.  And I’m ready to tackle whatever might be in my way.  Unfortunately, right now that means some spreadsheets over on the real work side of the world.

Have a great Monday.


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