Off The Grid

In a matter of hours, I will disappear.  Off to the northwoods I will go, where access to internet is non-existent, phone barely gets reception, and the only sign of the real world is the satellite feed.

And I’m excited.

Now, I won’t say that it doesn’t get a little boring at times, but in some ways that’s the best part of it.  The fact that there’s very little to do, even if I wanted to, makes it a great way to reboot.  And that’s something I could use right now, a real good hard reset.

Sometimes I get so engrained in the rut that is my daily life that no matter what I do, I can’t get out of it.  Yet, when left to my own devices, I find all that mojo I’ve been lacking come back.  Makes me wish I were a hunter.  Having a much more regular excuse to disappear seems great.  But, of course, there’s the whole attempting to kill something that’s a problem.  Not that I have a problem with things being killed, I’m more carnivorous than omnivorous.  It’s just that I’m not sure I could actually be the one doing the killing. That, unfortunately, is one of the few reasons I’m against the impending apocalypse.

Anyways. . . I get to go hide, maybe do some trekking through the woods, perhaps get a little bit of writing done, and, more than anything, hang out with the family for some much needed time away from the h&b (hustle and bustle, stupid term).

One of the great additions that comes along with this, although somewhat annoying to impatient me, is the complete and utter lack of internet.  Even if I wanted to, hitting the GET MAIL button just doesn’t do anything up there. That means for the next couple days, I know I won’t be rejected. . . or, at least I know that I won’t be able to know if I’m rejected.  Now, that does mean that I’ll come back to the possibility of plenty of rejections, but until then, they are much more like Schrodinger’s cat than usual.  And that’s pretty sweet. . . I think.

I could set it up to send me a text every time I get an e-mail, but I’m resisting the urge.  Any possibility of good that could come over the course of the weekend, can wait until Monday.

So, with all of that, I bid adieu to the interwebz.  I’ve got a couple hours left, but after that, I’ll consider you all cut off.

Have a great weekend.


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