Revisions Requested

Although I had mentioned not very long ago that I would be taking a break from discussing the process of The Agora Files, I do have a slight bit of news to share.  Yesterday we reached a new milestone in the process of trying to sell my book.  I got a request for revisions.

Now, the agent hasn’t said anything about taking me on, so don’t get too excited or anything.  However, an R&R (or revise and resubmit) request is a fairly common part of the process of trying to land an agent, and a part of the process that The Legend of Buddy Hero never got to.  So, it’s exciting in its own way.

There is a slight bit of concern on my behalf regarding this request, seeing as the agent who made the revision suggestions had only read the first fifty pages.  Some of the issues she had noted are taken care of starting on page 56. . . so, yeah.  Of course, it’s possible that she believes that all of these descriptive pieces about the world created within the manuscript should be explained by page 50.  I’ll admit that I can slightly understand the concept.  So, I shot a message back inquiring as to whether or not that was her thought.

However, there were several other things she brought up that I realized were not really explained clearly, or at all, throughout the manuscript.  These are things that I hadn’t really considered to be all that important, but after letting the thoughts mull about in my head a bit, I realize there is actually some really important reasons to explain them.  The largest part of this really concerns giving a bit more background into the daily life of one of the supporting characters.  As of right now, there’s a lot of assumptions I’ve put into place, but I realize now that those assumptions might not be good enough, considering his situation.

So, I’ve got some revisions to make, and I’m quite eager to do so.  However, I feel like I should hold off on most of them until I get a response back regarding whether or not I should be including all of these notes within the first 50.  It could really change how I go about things, seeing as these are primarily expositional elements, and I really don’t want to bog the script down with too many details before jumping into the action.  It is, after all, an action-heavy book.  And, honestly, although all of these things are important for giving the reader a better understanding of the world my characters live in, they are not so important for the story itself, just explanation of how they got to where they are today. . . or how they are allowed to continue on that path.

So. . . not only am I anxiously awaiting messages from the other agents I’ve got reading my manuscript, I’m now hoping to hear back from the one agent I’ve gotten a response on.  Hoping may seem like an odd word here, but I’ve dealt with so many agents in the past who refuse to respond on even the most basic questions that this could occur with any e-mail I send.  It’s that whole pessimist me coming back to the surface.

All the same, The Agora Files is now officially further along on the path to publish-dom than Buddy Hero ever made it, and that’s within only a little over a month of fighting this battle.  Buddy, of course, took closer to 6 months before I got near this point.

So, it’s exciting to know that someone had read it.  It’s also exciting to note that the issues presented were not really about my writing style, but a want to know more about the world I’ve created (although writing style could technically be considered part of it, in the situation she wants all of these elements discussed by page 50).

Not that this is all that surprising.  The Agora Files is a much better put together book than The Legend of Buddy Hero.  I learned a lot while writing and revising that manuscript and was able to put that knowledge to good use when working on The Agora Files.  This isn’t to say that this is the book that will finally get me published.  I understand that process can be a lot more like the lottery, or a popularity contest, than it is about honing your craft (although being a strong writer definitely helps).

However, The Agora Files is the result of learning from many previous failures, failures I hope to revisit at some point and fix the issues on, or completely rewrite.  But for now, I have a bit more focus to place on The Agora Files as well as a few new ideas to implement.  The implementation of these shouldn’t be too difficult, or time consuming, mainly because I already know the answers, I just never wrote them into the book.  Just gotta find the right spot to toss them all in. . . and see if I need to move the location of the current answers that didn’t make it under the 50 page cut off.

And I’ve already got a new book idea mulling about in my head that I’m eager to start building.  If only I didn’t have to put so much time into getting this one out there right now. . . 🙂

Oh, the stupid whinings of a writer.  I’m writing, and I’m having a pretty good time doing it.  No complaints.  And heck, book 2 has officially gotten further than book 1 (in record time), that’s nothing to shrug about either.

And, just because I’m writing about the process. . . I entered my first writing contest yesterday.  I’m not sure if that’s the appropriate term, seeing as it merely involved sending my query letter plus the first five pages on to the contest judge to compete against other query letters and pages.  Anyways, should find out (according to a recent twitter update) tomorrow at the very latest whether I get to move on to the next round.  Competing against 90 others, from the sounds of it.  Will be interesting to see how that goes.  I don’t see The Agora Files as being the type of book this judge is typically interested in, so that could quickly put me at the bottom of the pile.

Anyhoo. . . back to the grindstone.  Got a bunch of stuff to take care of before I get stuck in the world of revisions.

Have a good one.


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