New Day

Finally feeling awake for the first time in a few weeks.  I’m pretty sure I was under the icy grip of some sort of illness, especially since my daughter has been dealing with the same exhaustion as I have, and also is feeling much better as of when I dropped her off at daycare this morning.

And that’s an awesome feeling because for the first time in weeks, I feel like I can see things much more clearly.

Now, to be honest, I know I’ve been a little whiny (as always) regarding the process of getting an agent/publisher lately.  It hasn’t as much been whining, in reality, as it has been frustration at the process.  As noted in previous articles, I understand why the process is so, well, frustrating.  But that unfortuantely doesn’t change the fact that it’s still a heartbreaking process to go through.

And, it takes so much work to just move forward one step, on a process that seems to be so far removed from the actual act of writing.

That being said, I’m feeling my second wind coming on, as noted in last night’s article.  I’m ready to face this impossible task once again with a new attitude.  No longer am I willing to just shoot my project out wily-nily, hoping that just anyone will take interest.

No, now is the time to get serious on the selling prospect.  I’ve hidden from contacting the few agents I know to be phenomenal and to have sold similar books in the past merely because I didn’t want to allow myself to believe I have a book worthy of their time.  No more.  My book IS worthy.  And I have to do right by it and approach the proper people to get it sold.

And with all of that, I’m also going to try to stray from discussing this querying process as much in future posts.  It’s boring even for me to talk about, so I can’t imagine it’s much better for those of you reading about it.  I’m not entirely certain what that means for this space, as I intend to continue updating regularly, but I’m hoping to begin writing things more enjoyable for all, including myself.

You already know where the next few weeks, months, are taking me.  More heart break, and, if I’m lucky, some glimmers of hope along the way.  I’ll keep you posted on anything important, but I think transitioning to a discussion about other topics will be much better suiting all of our time.

So, with that, I hereby declare a moratorium on whiny chatter.  I’m not whiny about this anymore.  I’m a writer, I will continue to write, even if no one ever gets to read the crap I put on the page.

There are a few extra steps I’m trying to take yet.  I’m still looking for a worthwhile critique group, as I hope to move forward in polishing my manuscript in ways I’m not capable without outside opinions.  I’m going to continue researching independent presses for groups that I believe have a vision similar to my own.  And I’m going to look for other marketing options, whether it be writer’s conferences or whatever.

I’m not going to lay down on this battle any longer.  I may never win, but that doens’t mean I shouldn’t keep fighting.

And with that, I’m moving back into the world of selling.  I’m also hoping to find some time today to work on a little bit of writing.  I’ve got a few ideas for things I want to produce into my own video series that I think could be a ton of fun to write for.  Just have to find the time. . .


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