Rejection – revisited

Well, it happened.  I quickly got rejected by the publisher who had requested my materials.

I got a ‘nice’ note back stating that although the book was “very well written” it wasn’t something they could contract.  This, of course, put my brain into overdrive, trying to determine what that meant.  Now, being rejected by this publisher isn’t all that surprising.  Although they even specifically outline dystopia as one of the genres they are looking for on their site, further research around the web shows that they are looking for romance novels (as are everyone apparently), so it would easily be assumed that they are looking for the romance-dystopian sub-genre.

The issue comes into play with that “very well written” line.  I want to believe her.  I crave the capability of believing her.  However, this was supposedly reviewed by the CEO of the company (not too crazy since this is a very small press by all accounts) and she had just received the materials on Monday.  That means she had less than 3 days to read the book and come to that determination.  And, assuming she actually does more than review submitted manuscripts, it’s highly unlikely she gave the book a full read, or even a good read of a few chapters.

Soooo. . . yeah.  More than likely this is just a form rejection that gives a little too much hope to the authors being rejected.  If there was ANYTHING in the rejection letter that actually showed that she had read the book, even a reference to the name of the protagonist, then I might be able to allow myself to believe it.  Instead, I have become forced to just put it down to another bunch of empty words.

The high I was feeling yesterday, although mostly unprompted, was killed by this and the couple other rejection letters I received. Not because I really believed that anything had changed from the previous days, but just that I realized how much of a crapshoot this whole process really is.  I have yet to figure out a good way to actually get this book into the hands of the right people.  Heck, I’ve yet to figure out who the right people actually are.

Not all hope is lost, of course.  I still have my materials out to an agent.  I have some reservations about this agent due to the companies they work for, but at this point I’m not willing to turn anyone down just based on rumors surrounding the people they work with.  By all accounts she appears to be new to the game, which could mean it would be a struggle to get the book sold, but it could also mean that she’s more willing to separate from the fold, and that she hasn’t gotten involved in some of the shady practices the companies she works for supposedly have.

Things seem bleak, when looked at like that.  However, I’m still not giving up hope.  In fact, just opened up my hunt further by joining up with  It’s a site run by HarperCollins where you can get your book reviewed by peers.  It’s a site that will take a bit more effort on my behalf to actually move forward, but, well, effort is the name of the game right now, isn’t it?

If you happen to be interested in getting a read on the first half of the book, it’s currently loaded on there at  I’d assume you have to sign up to do any reading.  If you do so, please give my book a read.  I’d love to hear any and all comments you may have regarding it.

Anyways, now that I’m moving into this route, I’ve got even more work ahead of me.  And I’m still continuing to research publishers and agents, trying to actually find groups that I believe will understand the project and be willing to work for me.  Fingers, toes, and eyes are crossed, as always.

Have a good one.


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