Agents and Publishers

So, after yesterday’s discussion about being cool with not going the traditional I managed to get up the energy to do a bit more querying.  I found an agency which appears to have some real credibility behind it, but just opened up within the last few months.  The junior agent seemed like a perfect choice, considering my newfound acceptance as an indie author.

Six minutes later, a request for material was in my inbox.  Impressively quick.

And that means I’ve now got stuff out to both a publisher and an agent.  There’s no reason to believe that either of these will come out positive, although my book is pretty darn fantastic, but it does mean that I’m finally moving onto the next steps of the selling process, which is, of course, having someone actually reading my book.

Unfortunately I don’t even have time to enjoy it, as transitioning to my new job is taking more effort than I had hoped it would.  I’ve been so busy this week just reading e-mails and attending meetings that I just haven’t had a chance to sit back and revel in the fact that someone’s finally reading the thing who doesn’t have a biased thought toward me.

But, as already said, I’m really booked for the day and must get back to it.  Will hopefully have time later this week, or at the latest, next week, to really get back to the world I wish I lived in. . . writing.


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