One of the reasons I’m not certain I’ll ever be able to be published is that I’m never completely happy with my work.

I definitely get my books to a point where I believe they are completed, but they still roll around in my head, constantly thinking about how things worked out, how things could have worked out better, and sometimes, like was the case yesterday, I come across something that completely changes my ideas about something within the work.

I’m beginning to know how George Lucas feels, and that frightens me.  Although how he ever thought that having Greedo shoot first was better, I’ll never understand.

Yet, the concept that things could be changed, corrected, altered, in some way, to make the work better, well, it’s something I can get behind.  Although with something like Star Wars, I just think you’re asking for trouble making large changes, especially decades after the original was released.

This has happened with every project I’ve worked on in my life, although very few have really offered the opportunity to alter, or really warranted the time spent.  However, with Buddy still a pet project of mine that I wish to get completed as a series, the mind continues to reel on what all can be done within the pages already written.  However, as opposed to Lucas, no one has actually read that book, it’s not a worshiped piece of art, it’s unpublished, needing to be altered to be ready for publication.

So, as opposed to Lucas, I should be continually altering my work at this point.  Because that’s the only way I’m going to get it to sell.  Only fear I have is that once I actually sell it, will I ever be able to stop wanting to alter?

On a side note, considering the release of Titanic 3D, James Cameron apparently made only one change to the film in his re-release of this supposed classic.  Apparently some astronomer had gotten on him about the placement of the stars in the sky in one scene and how they didn’t match up with how the sky would have looked that night 100 years ago.  Cameron said, get me the way the stars should have looked, and we’ll get that fixed.  So they did.  Now that’s an alteration I can get behind a ton more than a really crappy manipulation of an image to make it look like Han Solo ducked out of the way of the shot at his head.


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