Well, I finally have reached the point where I realize I should probably just look for as much assistance on my query letter as possible.  It’s not like I hadn’t considered this previously.  In fact, I’ve considered it heavily over the past year, considering how poorly written all of my letters for Buddy Hero were.  It’s just that, well, I really didn’t know where to go for help.

Right now I’m amping up my research.  I have done a great deal of research in the past, looking at sample queries, looking at what agents are looking for, modeling my query after ones written for books that had agents knocking down doors to get at.  But I just really wasn’t understanding how to put this damned thing together.

And I hated it.  I hate reading all these different sites telling me how to sell my book.  They all make the work in question seem so, well, unnecessary.  That’s not entirely true, but I have now come to the conclusion that there is truth to that concept.

I’ve been so busy trying to get way too much information into so few words, that I just forgot the sales part of it.  Not to mention, as previously stated, I suck at sales.

So, yesterday evening I began doing some wholehearted research.  There’s a wonderful site out there, called QueryShark, where the proprietor critiques queries.  I’ve been going through all of them, trying my hardest not to skim.  I want to take everything in, the good and the bad, and get a much stronger concept of what agents are looking for.  I believe I’ve already come up with a way to explain the background of the book in minimal words, which was something I had been struggling with.  And having that out of the way, I just need to move into how to hook the agent.  I’m getting there, and I have a ton more research to do before I actually consider this query completed.

So. . . that’s today’s focus.  I’m going to continue to do some work on the manuscript, as I have a hard time considering the thing perfect, ever. . . just like with Buddy.

And. . . I’m considering changing the title.  I had been struggling with a title for the sucker since day one, and just stuck with the first one that came to mind.  I’m now realizing that a crappy title could be another major turnoff for an agent, so I’m working on something brilliant.  Nothing’s coming to mind yet, but look for a new title soon.

Anyhoo, that, piled with everything else, means I’ve got a busy day ahead of me, so I’m back to the grindstone.

Have a good one.


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