So, I know I had made some minor promises about making updates to the site while I was away on vacation.  However, once I reached the west coast, the decision to ignore my real life came quite easily.  There were a couple times where I had considered posting something.  I even had the site up and ready to write.  However, when it came time to put my fingers to the keys, I just didn’t have the energy to come up with anything worthwhile to say.  And that’s saying a lot, because I very rarely have much worthwhile to say in this space.

But, yeah, the mixture of jet lag, exhausting children, and tons of walking around the hills of San Fran, well, it just made for a brain that was not ready to deal with the idea of my real life.  I’m still not quite there, but seeing as I am back at work today, I figure I should probably get back to all of the things that I should be doing, including working on Run! some more, working on getting query stuff together, actually writing on again, and, well, you know, cleaning and yard work and whatever else.

And since I spent the last week away from the life as an aspiring author, I really have very little to report on that aspect.  Been getting a couple of rejection letters back from the minimal amount of query letters I’ve sent out.  One or two of them should have been expected, as a review of my submitted queries on those show that I should have reviewed what I was sending first.  Errors in a query do not generally make for an excited agent.

My webook ratings are still coming in, slowly.  I’m up to 22 ratings with a 55% vote for elevation.  That’s enough to move on to the next round yet (I believe), but it’s going to be a long time before that actually happens.

Vacation itself was pretty nice, although, as previously stated, exhausting.  I honestly wasn’t as excited as I had hoped to be, but I got to see a lot of things that I had long hoped to see, including the Musee Mechanique, which was not as amazing as I had been led to believe, but still pretty darn cool.

And life itself is beginning to plod along once again.  Now that the weather is nice, we decided to go out and purchase some bikes.  My wife was without one and my old one was just too darn uncomfortable, so we purchased a couple of bikes and a trailer for the kiddies.  We took a good little trip around town yesterday, which all enjoyed.  Well, my wife might not have enjoyed as much as the rest of us due to her angry knees, but I think she liked getting outside and getting some fresh air, at the very least.

So, with that long list of very useless information, I’m going to go off into the real world.  The one filled with rewrites, queries, cleaning, and, well, work.

I hope you all had a great week last week and I wish you the best for this one.


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