So, got a busy day ahead of me.  Bright and early tomorrow morning I’ll be headed off to the airport to head to a much colder place than it is here right now. . . doesn’t seem right for a vacation. . .  As such, I really don’t want to spend too much time talking about absolutely nothing here.  But, figured I should at least toss something on the site.

And with that, I will attempt to keep updating while on the road.  Since we have two little ones traveling with us, we’ll be hunkered down in our home relatively early most evenings, which should allow for some time for some writing, which is both good, and sad.  I mean, I would have to assume the nightlife in San Francisco is pretty fantastic, but, well, even if it is kid friendly, my kids can barely make it past 7pm before they’re ready to pass out.

In other news, still waiting to hear back from agents, still plugging away at cleaning up the manuscript in the few places I can find that are still in need.  It’s going pretty darn quickly still, so that’s awesome.  Just trying to make things as perfect as possible for when I finally start hearing back and someone realizes how amazing of an idea I’ve got.

Not too concerned about the minimal responses so far.  I haven’t really sent out too many queries as of yet.  Less than ten. Taking the querying slow so I can try to do a better job of tweaking my query letter.  I’m horrible at query letters. .  .

Alright, got things to do.  Hopefully have some time to put something together tomorrow night, and, if all goes well, it should be a bit more interesting than the last few posts have been.

Oh, and, figured I should add. . . the webook.com process is not going at swimmingly as it had been.  Been getting some lower ratings on there, possibly directly due to my use of TO instead of TOO, but also possibly related to just a real reflection of the material.  All the same, I’m down to a 50% want it elevated.  Still not quite horrible, but not good enough.  That’s with a piddling 16 ratings in, but it does show that we’re not doing as beautifully as we were.


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