Waiting. . .

I really hate this time of the process.  Just waiting and waiting and waiting to see if anyone even cares about the project you’re trying to have them care about.  Granted, I’m still incredibly early on in the waiting process, and that waiting gets so much worse after you’ve actually sent out materials, which means I’m in for a long bout of waiting.

Luckily vacation is coming upon me very quickly.  Just purchased the ferry tickets to get us into Alcatraz this morning.  I can only dream of the amazing theme park that must lay inside.  Rollercoasters, right?

All kidding aside, Alcatraz is something I’ve long thought would be an amazing thing to get to see, and I’m well under the week mark for getting to peruse its creepy halls.

In other news, well. . . there really is no other news.  I’ve been so busy trying to prep for departure that I really don’t have anything to announce.  Sometimes that happens, I suppose.  Not every day can be a day of excitement, can it?

But with spring now fully coming into play in Wisconsin (although I’m still not ready to believe that there will be no more snow coming, as, well, I’ve had my hopes dashed on that before) there is a bevy of excitement ahead.  Especially considering the fact that I am more than likely taking a leave of absence from my occupation to hang out with my childrens.  And that will be pretty awesome.  Sure, it will be work, but all of the events that I wanted to do in the past, but couldn’t because I was either too old, or working, will be open to me.

We’ll just have to wait and see if the kids have as much fun as I do.  🙂

Well, gotta get back to it (whatever it really entails).

Have a good one!


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