The newness of spring is now upon us here in Wisconsin.  This weekend brought about a great deal of melt, and now there is more grass visible than snow.  That’s a beautiful thing!

With that brought the ability to actually hang out outside, resulting in two fantastic family walks about town.  After the first one, it was determined that a pair of puddle-jumpers would be a necessity for the toddler, so, the next morning I took the kids out for a little shopping spree.  The puddle-jumpers required a bit of additional wardrobe, and there just so happened to be an awesome wonder woman t-shirt (w/ cape) on sale.  This brought about a hilarious day of my daughter ‘flying’ while getting herself completely soaked with the gross snow water.

All this was perfectly timed.  Reaching the end of the first draft and sending out a couple of query letters to gauge interest, was already beginning to bring on bouts of depression.  I feel a whole lot better now that I can go outside without bundling everyone up, and, of course, a bit of walking always helps the mood.  And my little wonder-girl, was the perfect little bow on top of all that.

With that, I’m moving along in the rewrite process.  I’m seeing things here and there that could be changed, but honestly, it’s looking pretty good.  I have sent out only a couple of query letters so far, but have already received some blatant rejections.  It’s disappointing, to say the least, but it does mean that this book is officially in the process of trying to be sold.  So, there’s a certain amount of excitement around that, I guess.

And, as we speak, our new oven is being installed.  That’s involving a bit of kitchen remodeling, which is loud.  And dusty.  But, it’s always a happy time when the necessary renovations to our house are being completed.

Anyways, I really want to get a whole ton of things done today, so, I’m keeping this short.

I hope you all have a great week!


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