So, it’s official.  I’ve completed the book.  At a whopping 81,431 words, it is complete.  I was so excited about finally being done with this part of the project that I didn’t even have the energy to plop something down on here saying as much.

But, of course, there’s no rest for the wicked(ly prolific author).  I have to tear this sucker apart, making sure that everything makes sense, that the characters stay within their character, ensure there’s no grammatical or spelling mistakes, and a whole host of other things, including, probably, adding a great deal in that wasn’t fully written previously, as well as, more than likely, taking out quite a bit that was over-written.

I’m intending to get through this rewrite rather quickly.  I’m hoping to be able to do so by a week from tomorrow.  Now, that’s a whole lot of intention.  Let’s hope that I can keep up with my intentions, as even just reading a book in a week is generally a bit of a task for me.  Of course, I’ll be spending a bit more time on the rewrite on a daily basis than I would typically spend reading in any given day.

So, with all that said, my mind has already begun moving on to the next official step in this process.  Selling.  Sure, I’ve got a little bit of time before I should really consider querying agents, as I should want something as beautiful as possible.  But, there’s really not much to think about regarding the rewrite process, at least not yet.  Most of my plot lines came to fruition, there’s very little that I actually believe was missed throughout, so the thoughts are on rather small things, when looking at the whole picture of this novel.  But, the idea of trying to sell this book is looming overhead.

I remember the torture of trying to sell Buddy Hero.  In fact, although it’s been 4 months since I sent my last query letter for that book, I’m still getting rejections in. It’s painful.  And this book, well, I think it’s so much better than Buddy is, although I really love the book.  If it were to do as poorly during the querying process, well, I’m just not sure what I would do.

I’m trying to hide from that fear, as it could very well be unnecessary.   For all I know, the first agent I query could be smart enough to realize how wonderful of a story this book holds and be all ready to sell it to the world.  Not likely, obviously, but it could happen, so why does my mind begin going to the negative possibility.  I suppose that’s because it’s all I know.

Anyways, I am quite excited to say that I have completed this book.  I looked at the info for the document I’ve been writing in, and I completed it exactly 30 days from when I created the document.  Cool thing is, there was very little writing that occurred the first week due to sick children, so that means I completed this novel in approximately 3 weeks.  If I had been able to devote the weekend time that I had hoped to do, it would have been 2 (well, maybe sorta).  But also considering that the first week of actual writing was days of 1000 words or so, I really could have done it a heck of a lot quicker.  That’s important to someone who has a whole host of ideas they want to get on paper.  And, as my wife said, a publisher will really love me some day for that.

Now, obviously, a book isn’t complete until it’s edited.  And I will do my best to self edit, and then have my peers edit, and hopefully have an actual agent and/or publisher edit so we can get this book into its best possible shape.  Meaning, if things go as I would love them to, this book could very well take over a year to reach its final version.  And I’m okay with that.  If only I could actually sell it.  The real  thing is, I got the real structure of this thing down, as well as most of the fixtures.  Now all I’m really doing is rearranging the furniture until this thing has the best flow.  And, honestly, on my own part of things, I really don’t think that’s going to take too long.

So, for now, I’ll just say I’m really happy to have gotten so far with this book in such little time.  30 days ago (well, 31 days now) this book was nothing more than a dream I had, which quickly evolved into a fantastic story.  And the best part, the way the ending turned out was much better than I had hoped for.  Now I have a character who’s fully invested in what he’s involved in for the future books in this series.  And that’s pretty darn awesome.


Welp, gotta run.  Have a great day.


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