In Conclusion

So, yesterday I wrote an excited post about coming to the end of the book.  I had also written about how I had intended to get another thousand words put to the page.  That, unfortunately, didn’t happen.  I an an unexpected need to complete a great deal of research in order to continue, so that I would have a clue about how the final pages would turn out, so I didn’t actually get any additional writing completed.  However, today will still be the day this sucker gets its ending.  And that’s a happy thought.

That is, of course, assuming nothing happens to keep me from completing it, but I have every intention of completing it, no matter what happens.  Life does have a tendency to try to get in the way sometimes though. . .

I really don’t have any cool things to write about.  I don’t even have any boring things to write in this space about today.  My brain is stuck in my book and how it’s going to work out in these last few pages.  Thinking about anything else has been very difficult.  So, with that, I’m heading into the world of writing to get some good stuff out on the page.

Have a great one!  I’m planning on spending my evening celebrating this past month’s worth of work.  Perhaps a drink or two will be in order.  Or seven. . .


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