So, nearing completion on this book, and it’s mighty exciting.  Yesterday marked an incredibly milestone in the writing of this project.  I surpassed the 70,000 word mark.  I’m actually at 72,500 words at the moment, and the end is officially in sight.  Some things happened during the writing yesterday that I hadn’t intended, but, well, will really increase the excitement of the last few chapters of this epic saga.  So, in other words, I’m really anxious to get it completed, especially because with all of these unexpected developments in the story, I’m really curious to see how things actually pan out.  The end is still going to occur as initially planned, but the changes that have happened will change the dramatic aspects of it heavily.

I only hope my writing ability can hold up to the task.

In other news, my webook submission is not doing quite so hotly.  I’m down to a 60% elevated rating, with 10 votes in.  That means 6 out of 10 people are all for me getting this book onto the next round, which isn’t a bad number, but it’s not as high as I would have liked.  Granted, we have to see how things move, because that’s still an incredibly small sampling of ratings.

In yet other news, I’m finding it hard to fight the temptation to send out a feeler query letter.  It’s generally frowned upon to send out a query letter on a manuscript that isn’t even completed yet.  Heck, they generally expect you to have gone through 4 or 5 revisions before you actually start sending out queries.  And, to be honest, the reasoning behind that is much more for the author than for the agent.  If you send out a manuscript that isn’t in its best form, your chances of actually interesting that agent enough for them to sign you as a client is a whole helluva lot less than it would be with a polished manuscript.

But that doesn’t keep my brain from wanting to see what sorts of interest can be drummed up in the publishing industry proper.  I should have a completed manuscript within a day, so I should, at the very least, wait until that point before I start sending anything out.  And even then, I really shouldn’t.  But I keep having the feeling that this book is special.  Something much more exciting for the marketplace than Buddy.  And I want to see if anyone in the actual industry feels the same way. . .

So, I’m conflicted.

No decision yet.  Will hopefully decide to wait.  We’ll see how my patience holds up.

Anyways, on to the writing.  Want to get this sucker completed.  Maybe I can somehow plow through 10,000 words today.  That should get me pretty close to the end.  Not going to happen,too much other crap to deal with.  But it would be nice. . .


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