It’s Monday again.  And this Monday marks having only 9 working days left until I get to be off work for a week.  W00t!  Unfortunately, that means that I’ve really got to move forward on my book if I want to have it ready for me to peruse a tad closer while on break.

Also unfortunately, this weekend was not great for writing.  I did get some writing done, somewhere around 1500 words, putting me at a grand total of 67300 (exactly) at this exact moment.  It’s not beautiful, but I’m inching closer and closer to that 70,000 word goal.  I fully intend to be there by the end of the day today, and, in fact, hope to surpass it by a couple thousand words.

However, this weekend had my focus shifted elsewhere, even though I had both the time and energy to get a ton of writing done.  My relatively new netbook was originally installed with windows 7.  However, this little netbook has nowhere near the processing power to run 7, not at all.  For a while I had linux on it, which was alright, but limited in many ways.  So, I went back to 7 because Microsoft has a nice easy method for getting windows 7 installed on netbooks which don’t have an optical drive.  I had the intention of working on the process for getting XP put on there, but hadn’t wanted to worry about it yet, because from my initial trials (before installing linux) I had determined it was going to be a long annoying process.  However, with vacation coming up quickly, we need a little laptop like this to allow Olivia the option of watching something during the drive and flight.

Wasn’t going to happen on 7.  So, I spent all day Saturday and Sunday trying to get XP loaded on there.  It’s a pain in the ass to have to work so hard to get a piece of software you own on your computer.  Unfortunately, I don’t think it would have been much easier to just find a hacked version of the software in this situation, so even the hackers haven’t found a useful method of performing this act yet.

Sure, there were some options, and all of them worked to a certain degree, but none of them really worked effectively.  At least not without a great deal of coaxing on my behalf.  But, it is now installed, and I believe everything is working appropriately.  I’ll have to do some testing later.  It only took me two days of directing a great deal of my attention into it, but I finally got a piece of software installed.  😦

Things like this make me think about the version of myself that existed 20 years ago.  That version existed past that point, but slowly drifted off.  There’s still a piece of him there, but no where near as strong.

That version of myself loved computers, loved working to find the issues and figure out how to fix them.  That part of it I also love.  Although when given an issue like this one where the world is against me, it becomes quickly hated.  That person, however, couldn’t live without a computer.  I remember when I first moved up to the north and didn’t have the ability to log into any BBS’s or the Internet or anything (long before cable internet was around, of course).  When I finally got to go back home and hook up to a land line, the grating sounds of the modem connecting were like sex to me.  It was beautiful.

There’s still a piece of that there, but I find myself having the beginnings of Luddite-ism.  I find myself wanting to toss out these trappings of electronics.  I hate my cell phone, and would love to get rid of it.  It seems like an atrocious amount of money to spend on something that honestly gets very little use.  And I try to stay away from my computers as much as possible when not working (unless I can squeeze in some writing).

But that other part of me is still there, still craving all the gadgets, still craving the ability to break software and bend it to my will.  It’s an odd battle.

Amusingly enough, it’s the same way my brain works with writing.  I like to find the issues, the struggles, for these characters and try to figure out how to fix them, or have them hobble along with them.  So, oddly enough, this task of writing, which is heavily based in old traditions, works very well with my tasks of computer troubleshooting, which is obviously based in the modern age.  And I like it.

So, with that said (which really had incredible little point), I’m excited to say that I’m getting to the fun part of the book now.  THat’s not to say the rest of it hasn’t been fun, but that this part is where things begin to get really interesting.  I just hope I’m up to the task of keeping the action up as hot and heavy as it’s going to be from now until almost the end of the book.

Have a good one.


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