I’ve been having quite the battle with Saturdays lately.  Once I finally get some free time, meaning, nap time for the kids (and usually the wife), I’m already so exhausted that in the event that I don’t decide to take a nap, I just don’t get anything done.  However, I’m so close to the end of this book it’s killing me to not be writing.  Yesterday was an impossible task, I only got 1,200 words done.  Better than previous Fridays, but much less than I wanted.  So I’m sitting here with less than 3000 words left till I hit the 70,000 word count mark, and I’m still finding it difficult to get my brain right enough to write things of worth.  And this part of the book requires some heavy thinking.  There’s a monstrous amount of action and drama to pull out in the next 10,000+ words, ending with something that will either be amazing, or cause me to wonder why I wrote the book in the first place.

Kidding, the ending, I think, is shaping up quite nicely in my head.  I only hope I can make it hold up to the rest of the book, which I consider to be mostly brilliant at this point.  Of course, on that note, I am waay too closely connected to the subject matter at this point to properly distance myself enough to be objective.  But, I have vacation coming up in a couple weeks, which I believe will be the time I use to distance myself from the book for a week and come back at it feeling less biased toward my own work so I can get the final polishing done on it.  That means, the next two weeks will involve quite a bit of work, hence my real want to get moving as much as possible.

But, yeah, I really have nothing to say here.  And I should really get to some writing.  I’m hoping that the fact that I had to end yesterday right in the midst of a major action sequence will help me move forward on it easily.

Hope you’re all having a great weekend.


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