So, I have to admit something.  Something dark.  Something, well, life changing.

I’ve been having an affair.  Nothing too serious, just some casual fun with another.  She’s been in my life since late fall.  Although we haven’t had too many chances to get together, the few times we have, it’s been glorious, but short, way too short.

This morning, however, we had a magnificent hour together, and I’ll admit, I can out of the event sweating a bit, feeling quite flush around the cheeks.

So, it is with deepest apologies that I must tell my wife (who states that she most definitely reads these posts) that I am leaving her for my snow-blower.

That’s right.  We got a giant pile of four inches worth of snow last night and this morning I took her out, revved her up, and we plowed through that snow like there was no tomorrow.  I worked her hard.  There were many times where I was certain she wouldn’t be able to continue, but I pushed, and she gave.

And now, well, let’s just say the sidewalks are clear, okay?  Although a little slushy.


Honestly, life before a snow blower, I just didn’t know what I was missing.  Now, watching that snow fly through the air and coming out of the process with very little back pain, it’s just a thing of beauty, even if the slushy condition of the snow made it difficult going at times.  Have a snow blower in my life makes it almost seem crazy not to live in the frozen north.

So, yes, my dear wife, the gift you gave me last fall could very well be the end of our marriage, as I will take her out every chance I get.  Of course, you can have me back in the spring, because, let’s face it, my new fling will be pretty much useless.

On to the writing update.  Although it was a bit of a struggle, I made it through a fantastic 6,000 words yesterday, putting me up to the fine total of 55,000 words.  Doing some minor number crunching, I should be at 90,000 words by the end of next week, if I were to keep up this pace, even accounting for a lack of writing on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, which I hope to keep from happening this week.

And even more interesting changes happened while I wrote yesterday.  The end is still basically the same, but also incredibly different.  The end that I’m seeing come about now will drastically change the mood of the conclusion, but bringing it much more in line with what I had hoped to be able to bring about, I just wasn’t sure how to do it.  Now, it all makes sense, and should make for an interesting last chapter or so.

It’s also giving me some ideas for how to actually have this story continue past the end of this novel.  I’ve been interested in developing this book into a series, but not really certain how to do it without, speaking frankly, making the book too much about a topic other than the main characters.  However, the way the ending is developing at this point could very well put them in the midst of another chase, which is really the only way I would want to continue the series.  I just didn’t want to force the idea.

So, in other words, not only is the actual word count of the book coming along nicely, the actual tale I wanted to tell is developing better than I had expected.  I had some haughty ideals for what I wanted this book to say, but really didn’t think I could pull it off.  Now, it all seems to be getting there on its own.  The muses must be on my side this time.

In other related news, my webook submission, which if you’re interested in reading the first page of this novel can be found here, is doing pretty darn well.  The ratings are coming in way too slowly, but so far, out of the 7 ratings that have currently come through, only one has rated me a three, which is the best you can get without being considered a vote to move on to the next round.  Out of the other 6, two have rated a 5, which is the highest possible score.

Now, it’s obviously way too early to get too excited, but seeing as I was using this submission as a litmus test of sorts, I think this is a good sign that there is interest in books of this type in the market.  But, once again, this is an incredibly small grouping of ratings to get too excited over.  Still, as said before, doing better than Buddy Hero did during its submission.

Anyways, it’s a snow day, which, unfortunately doesn’t mean I’m free of work or cleaning, but does mean I’m stuck inside, which will hopefully be enough impetus to get a big bucket of writing done.  I’d love to be at 70,000 by the end of the week, which is entirely possible.

For those being hit by the storm in the midwest right now, stay warm, it’s gross out there.


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