Laundry Day

Yeah, I have the wonderful song Laundry Day from Dr. Horrible’s Sing-a-long Blog in my head this morning.  Perhaps due to the fact that I have a giant pile of laundry to fold this morning. . . Or perhaps because it just randomly pops in my head, usually when catching up on my How I Met Your Mother.


Anyways, yesterday was a good day writing.  Not a great day, but a good day.  I did get around 5000 words written, which is great, but, well, the section that I was struggling with, it’s still going to need a bit of love.  However, I’m out of there, and due to what did happen in the section I was having the troubles with, I got moved into an interesting area that I hadn’t intended, but I think will help develop one of my main characters nicely.  We’ll see how things go.  I’m still struggling with that a tad as well, but should be able to move through it quickly and get back into some action.

I had intended to do some more writing last night after everyone went to sleep.  It seemed like a perfect plan, my wife wasn’t feeling too great, so she was going to bed early, and my kids were both exhausted.  However, my bouncing baby boy was having a bit of the teething pains and therefore not wanting to go down easy, which means I fought him for over an hour before the compromise of him taking over my spot on the bed was allowed and he passed out long enough for me to come down to write.

But by that point, my brain was so depleted that I knew I wouldn’t be able to write anything of worth, especially considering the fact that I’m in a section (although nearing completion) that is giving me a bit of trouble to write appropriately.

So, new day, brightly refreshed, I believe I can get some real action going on this sucker.  We’re still well on track to be at 70,000 words by the end of the week.  That’s awesome.  That was my initial goal word count for this baby.  I don’t believe I’ll actually be done with the book by that point, but I should be nearing the end, which means that by early next week, the first draft should be completed, which begins the much adored rewrite process. . . For those not in the know, there’s not much to adore about the rewrite process.

I don’t hate it by any means, in fact, I do kinda like it, but the rewrite process is where you no longer get to move with the magical flow that can happen when inspirado hits, but, instead, have to agonize over every word and make sure that it actually fits within the character’s personality, as well as makes the book move forward, instead of stagnating it in things like exposition.  Considering I’m going to probably have at least 10,000 words to delete out of this book, and could easily have another 10,000 to add back in, it will be a task.  However, I think I can get through it relatively quickly.  I hope I can.

And once the second draft gets completed, well, then we get to move into the real polish work, which is when the light really begins to be visible at the end of that tunnel.  If I can keep up the pace I’ve been going at so far, I think it’s very possible that I could be sitting on a relatively polished version of this book by the end of March.  But, obviously, rewrites aren’t something you want to rush, as it’s the chance to give the book a glimmer of fantasticalness.  Something I want to ensure this book has in order to give it the best possible chance of actually selling this time.  Although, I believe I’ve got something much more market ready with this first draft than Buddy is in its current state. . . gonna have to work on that.  Need people to realize superheroes don’t need to be stuck in comic books. . . but that’s for another day.  For today, let’s get Cyrus across the nation.  Another 5,000 words done today means I’ll be at 54,000 words, maybe I can push it and get to the much prettier number of 55,000.  Fingers are crossed, but not for long, obviously, as it’s hard to type with crossed fingers.

Have a good one.


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