So, I did absolutely no writing on Friday, Saturday or Sunday.  I feel kinda bad about it, but I did something much more important.  I slept.  This morning I’m feeling quite a bit better than I had been all the last few weeks, meaning I believe I can get much further on my writing in a much better produced manner than I had last week.  That doesn’t mean I actually believe I’ll write more words per day than I had been, as last week was pretty phenomenal word-count-wise, but I do think I’ll be able to keep up the 5000 words per day and have some much better things come out of it.

I did, however, take a look at what I had considered to be a complete waste of time for Thursday’s writing.  The piece that I had assumed accounted for approximately 2000+ words, which I knew needed to be re-written, actually only accounted for about 200 words, which just goes to show how horrible it was.  However, that means I did not get set back too much when I hit the delete button.  I’m still not entirely certain how to proceed with that section, but I do have a much better vision of it after taking the weekend to think about it.

I do, however, have some reservations regarding how to move on from there.  I have the path set pretty clearly, and some ideas for how to keep things interesting, but, well, I’ve got a lot of space to cover, and I really don’t want it to take up more than another 40,000 words.  I think it’s possible, but now that I’m passed the halfway mark, I need to keep absolutely aware of my position in the book to insure that I don’t overwrite this thing and then have troubles determining where can be cut without harming the integrity of the work.

All in all, however, this thing is coming along beautifully.  And I haven’t even gotten to the section of the book which was the actual inspiration of the whole thing.  That part is going to be both fun and painful to write, as it should entail a long epic process easily covering 10,000 words to get to the finish line.  If it comes out like it is in my head, it should be amazing, if it doesn’t. . . well, I’ll have some work to do in order to clean things up appropriately.  All the same, I’m not all that concerned, as I believe this is going to end up being quite the wonderful little story.

So, with all that being said, it’s Monday, it’s early yet, and I’ve got a great deal of energy available to put into the writing.  Here’s hoping it comes together like it should.


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