Wow, yesterday’s post was pretty darn depressing, wasn’t it?  Guess I should be taking my pills. . . probably need to get some pills while I’m at it.

Feeling a ton better today.  Yesterday was, overall, a crapshoot, but I did get just slightly shy of 40,000 words, which makes me very happy.

Also got to encounter the most amazing part of writing anything yesterday, the moment immediately after you believe you’ve written yourself into a corner.

I had been plugging along, knowing what steps would need to be taken next, based on what these kids would do, and getting things done in ways that I needed, as I had a ton of ground I needed to cover.  Things were going amazingly well.  In fact, a little too well.  I was, truthfully, getting kinda concerned about the fact that I had nearly 5,000 words without any real conflict, and the conflict before that was, well, rather minimalistic.

Then the rules of the world began to set in.  And my thought that I needed to get some conflict back in the story became a fear of what that conflict would be.  Suddenly, without actually wanting it to occur, I came to a source of conflict that I really had no clue how I was going to get these characters out of.  There was only one possible outcome I could perceive and that was going to mean my story was going to end early, and not on a very happy note.

I began looking back at how I had gotten to this point and trying to figure out how I could get them out of this situation that I really couldn’t come up with a fix for.  Nothing.  I tried developing plans for them to either somehow evade the issue, or be captured and then get out of capture, and I couldn’t come up with anything that didn’t seem to just break the rules of this world I created.

I was feeling rather broken, hitting the wall, not knowing what to do.

And then inspirado hit.  What I actually came up with isn’t really all that crazy, in fact, if I hadn’t been so deeply involved in the writing of the story, I would probably have seen it coming.  But it’s epic.  It’s conflict on a giant scale, which is exactly what is needed now that I’ve officially passed the half way point of this book.  And it will completely change the tone of the story from this point on.  And that’s good.  Suddenly the story really does change from being a story about running against the clock, and becomes a story about running from something, something that has always been there, but has spent too much time being mostly unseen.

In other words, I found the pivotal moment in the book which will be there to be ridden to the end.  It’s an important moment, and one that I never really know about when I begin writing.  In Buddy Hero, it honestly happens somewhere near the end, something I intend to fix.  But here, it happens exactly where I need it to happen.  Right at the moment where the novelty of the cross country run has begun to wear off, where we all, including me, are getting sick of hearing this guy complain about cramping limbs, enjoying and/or hating the terrain, or, you know, not knowing how he’s going to make it across the country in time, now, complaining’s not an option.  The only option is to do as the title says, Run!.

I’m selling the first half of the book short. . . he doesn’t complain all that often.  And in the second draft, a lot of the complaining that is there will be disappearing.  He’s not really the complaining type, but it just manages to slip in there sometimes.

Anyways, the flow of this book has not been dragging by any means, I’ve been keeping up a really good pace.  And this won’t really speed things up or slow them down at all.  But it does keep the excitement up for myself as I suddenly have a way to add a large portion of the story that I just didn’t know how to get into without killing my characters off.  And I definitely don’t want to kill them off. . . until the end anyways.

Oh the end. . . I know where I’m going, that’s never really a question.  But the getting there changes how I feel about the end all the time, and right now, well, the end not only makes so much sense, but is also that much sweeter.

I can’t wait till you get to read it, persons who are not reading this blog. . . I think you’re going to really like it.


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