So, I know I already wrote on here today and definitely have no need to do a writing warmup, as I have pulled out another whopping word count for the day, 5500!

Maybe I just want to brag that I’m moving forward on things so well.  Maybe I’m so excited about the fact that I have surpassed my expected halfway point.  Maybe it’s just that I really just need to take a break for a bit, but don’t really want to do anything of worth for the next five minutes.

It feels like procrastination, but I’m honestly at the end of my day.  I got through some amazing parts of my book today, things that I hadn’t expected to occur, but were 100% necessary.  And they came in right at the perfect time.  So, that’s pretty darn cool, and, well, I’m really happy with the result.  And so I’ve got Cyrus settled in for the rest of his day on a pretty cushy part of the trip, and just don’t know how I can move forward after completing the little bit of a battle I got to write today.

Or. . . perhaps it’s just that I really really really want to scream from the rooftops how excited I am about this book.  About everything about this book, not only how amazingly well I think it’s coming together, not only about how quickly I’m able to get words on the page, and not only about the fact that I’m so incredibly excited to get this manuscript in front of some agents for review (even though I know the rejections that will start coming in shortly thereafter will be a major buzzkill on that).  It’s some combination of all those. . . and more.

I don’t know.  I feel like I’m procrastinating, but I’m really not wanting to hide from writing, I’m just finding myself so horribly distracted by the book itself that my focus has finally reached its peak and has rapidly disappeared.

So, it’s been a really good day in the world of writing.  I’m sure all that I wrote today will end up disappearing or at the very least be mangled beyond recognition by the time it reaches the final version, but I really think it’s been a good 5500 words of writing.

Of course, I’m quickly becoming aware of a large issue cropping its ugly head.  I’m halfway through the book, or at least my original estimation of the halfway point, and I’m only a third of the way across the nation.  Now, as said before, 70,000 words is not a hard estimate on the completed project, but the idea that at my current pace my completed first draft would be over 100,000 words. . .well, that’s a hefty book.  Even if I were to find enough to whittle down in there to get back down to the much more manageable 80,000, I’m pretty sure I’ve got at least another 10,000 that would go back in due to things I already realize need more description.

Course, who knows what’ll happen.  I do know that I’m going to have to get him moving faster, but at the same time, I’ve somehow managed to keep a story about running across America from being all that boring, which is something I was really concerned about.

But, of course, he’s still got a lot of running to do. . .


Anyways, I should sign off and hang out with the kids for a bit, just thought I’d drop a little note on here as my way of shouting my excitement, even though absolutely no one actually reads this thing.


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