Life :-( again

So, here I have to go again saying that I’m going to once again be behind on my writing goals.  Friday was a killer of a day and I ended up being 1000 words short of my goal, putting me at a week end total of 24,000 words, instead of my intended 25,000, and much more shorter of my hopeful 27,000.  Granted, we all knew the 27000 wasn’t going to happen.

Anyways, the babysitting gods graced their presence in my house on Friday night, so I was out much later than I really wanted to be, and voila, the 2 hour naptime that was to be my writing time on Saturday ending up needing to be a naptime for myself as well . . . I was still hopeful for some Saturday evening writing, but the day was against me.  Fast forward to today and my wife is out snowboarding with her brother, leaving me behind with relatively sick children.  All the same, the morning was going swimmingly.  I even got some cleaning done while they were playing, got lunch done, and had two exhausted children on my hands.  Figured naptime would be a breeze, and since I had energy, well, I’d be able to rock out some writing.

Except, putting two children to sleep isn’t always the easiest, especially when they aren’t feeling the greatest.  The eldest, my daughter, claimed she would put herself to sleep, and probably would have, if my youngest hadn’t decided to scream himself to sleep.  When I finally got him quiet, I began hearing the unmistakable sounds of a diaper being ripped off.  Although my son was not quite ready to be moved, I needed to see what sorts of craziness  was involved in the sound, as it could many times entail her needing to use the rest room.

So, take the son to the daughter’s room, find her nekkid on the bed, playing with the curtains. . .

Needless to say, had to put son on the ground, which woke him up, had to get her redressed, and before you know it, they’re both crying.  Tell daughter to go to sleep, bring son upstairs, finally get him to stop screaming again and. . . well, the one person who should know better than to call anywhere near this time of day, does.  The sound of the phone telling me my wife was already too tired to board anymore and was probably in intense pain wakes my son back up to immediate screaming, which leads me to yell into the phone and hang up.

After another battle, the son is back asleep, although he won’t stop sniffling, and I’m hearing nothing from the daughter’s room. . . but, my arm is stuck under a barely sleeping boy, meaning writing is nigh impossible at the moment, meaning I will be a total of 6,000 words behind come monday morning unless I actually get the option to write tonight. . . we’ll see how that goes.

But, since I’m stuck here, pinned under a not happily sleeping baby, I need something to while away the time. . . not sure what that’s going to be.  Could attempt to write, but the manuscript is stuck on the computer downstairs, and I am NOT willing to try moving.  Even typing this right now is really trying my luck with the sleep gods. . .


So, I’ll have to find another option.  Unfortunately, sleep just isn’t one right now, i’m too wired from trying to get these kids to sleep.  Ugh!


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