For years I have harbored a fascination with squirrels.  In fact, as a young high school boy, I had a baby squirrel for a very short time.  I felt a love for that squirrel whose mother’s life had been cut short.  I cared for that squirrel.  I wanted that squirrel to live.  Unfortunately, I did not have the proper amenities available to have it even make it through that one night before getting it out to the reserve, where all of the other squirrel babies had been shipped, before I found this one crying out into the night.

So, I loved squirrels.  They were always like this form of cat that I could never really get all that close to.

But now. . . I’m ready to go Caddyshack on those suckers.

They found a hole in the eaves of my house and for the past year+ they had been calling it their home.  For the past year+ we had been looking for someone who would be able to assist with the issue.  Finally, this past fall, right as the snow began to fall in our fair city, we found someone.  They replaced the eaves, and, seeing as we hadn’t seen any squirrels in the area recently, we figured we were safe.

Within days they were working on opening up a new hole in my freshly paid for chunk of wood.  Well, actually, the wood hadn’t even been paid for at this point.

Every day I would find myself banging on the walls of my house, scaring them away as they tried to make this hole larger.  The hole stayed, but they appeared to be finished with their work, and I heard from them no longer.

Now the snow is beginning the melt, washing away the sins of the winter. . . and today, the same damned squirrel is back at it.  I haven’t heard the all too familiar crunching on my eaves, but the sucker is crawling all over the side of my house, claiming this house in the name of Squirreltavia.

And I want to blow the f-er up.

Unfortunately my wife is refusing to approve the use of C-4.  This makes me feel quite disappointed.   But I’m planning my attack.  I demand retribution!

In other news, yesterday was an amazing day for writing.  I fell just short of writing 4500 words yesterday.  And, I believe that the writing that came out was pretty darn good.  So, my total right now is sitting somewhere around the 22,500 mark. That’s some happy news.  If I reach only my standard goal of 2500 words for today, I’ll be at 25,000 words going into the weekend, meaning, keeping at the goal throughout the weekend, by Monday morning I’ll have reached 30,000 words!

The book is moving forward with an amazing momentum, and that is incredibly exciting.  I’m so excited to move forward with the process on this book so I can get it out to the world, as I believe it’s something that people are really going to dig.  It may not win me my Nobel Prize, but I figure there should be at least a couple bucks in it.  🙂


Have a great weekend!


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