I honestly have no clue what to write in the space today.  Although I believe I got more sleep than standard last night, I’m still feeling quite exhausted and, well, depressed now that I’m going back to my actual job tasks at work.  My job’s alright, but, well, depressing.

Writing definitely helps the whole thing, but, obviously, can be depressing in its own right as every word I write is another reminder that I could just be writing for myself once again.  That generally isn’t too bothersome, as I really enjoy writing, and fully believe that what I’m writing is worthwhile, even if I’m having a difficult time finding interest in the literary community.

So, all this brings me to the topic title for today, which is vacation.  We have generally taken a vacation every March as a way to deal with the long winter and, well, to deal with the fact that our jobs are just annoying.

But now that we have children, vacation takes on a whole new level of annoyance.  I love my children, absolutely adore them.  But, it’s not like we can just, say, jump out to Vegas and have a weekend gambling.  Heck, when you’ve got 2 kids under the age of 3, you’re severely limited, even in generally kid-friendly options.  Cruises are out if you’ve got kids that aren’t potty trained, as apparently all of the pools are part of the same water system, which means, should your child decide to take a dump in the warm water, they are effectively taking a dump in however many other pools there are on the giant boat.

Other places that I’ve long wanted to visit are also out just because of the amount of work involved.  So, New York, Los Angeles, or other large cities, well, they have a great deal of work involved just to get around, not to mention making sure you’re within ‘safe’ areas while navigating the city.

So, while looking for a way to get away from it all, there can be a great deal of added stress just trying to determine a location that will truly work for everyone.  And then, of course, there’s also the issue of finding enough things to do while on that vacation to ensure that the kids will be entertained, while the parents actually get a chance to relax.

Oh, yeah. . . and although kids may have fun on vacation, the change in routine can drastically effect their daily coping mechanisms.

In other words, vacations themselves can be a enormous chore in and of themselves, even if they might get you away from the monotony of your daily life.  And there’s always the risk that returning to your daily life could be even more depressing than just staying around.

What’s my point?  No clue. . . like I said, didn’t really know what to talk about for my warmup write for the day, and vacation just happens to be something I’m discussing with my wife at the moment.  And it’s not all bad.  I love vacation. This past fall I took the fam to Disney World, and although we more than ran ourselves ragged, I still can look back on that week away from home and get a smile on my face.

And last spring we went to Myrtle Beach, spending a week just hanging out.  It was fantastic.  Even just taking my daughter out to feed the ducks helped melt the real world away.  So, I’m excited about going anywhere.  Hell, I could even spend a week just going around to all the activities here in town, while ignoring work, and probably do pretty good. . . although I think knowing I have so many tasks to complete at home would lessen the effect.

But, I have found that writing offers its own sort of vacation.  Especially with my current book.  My knowledge of the geography of the States is pretty good, but when actually having someone traverse the entirety of it at ground level, it takes a good deal of research on the specific locations he’s running through.  So, me and Google Earth have been having a lot of fun together.  And since I find myself connecting so closely with my protagonists, I find myself feeling as if I’m actually visiting these locations as well.  The real world melts away while I write and I’m completely stuck inside this world.

Unfortunately, when writing, the real world is always there.  All I have to do while writing is look slightly to the right and I’ll see a giant load of work to complete.  Or the phone will ring, or my wife will come in telling me my son’s sick again, or the doorbell will ring, or, well, you get the idea.  Which means that these little vacations I go on inside my head, are constantly being broken up, constantly being forced to return to real life.  It makes them that much more difficult to enjoy, or, at the very least, I find myself constantly craving to go back on that vacation, unable to do so because real life has intervened. . . or just a lack of sleep.

That being said, writing went well yesterday.  I met and exceeded my catchup goal of 3,000 words yesterday and I’m now over the 18,000 word mark.  With a general completed book goal of 70,000 (although this one could very possibly reach the 80,000 mark), I’m over the quarter completed mark.  That’s pretty exciting.  That’s with only 8 days of writing, 3 of which under the 2500 mark intended.  Keeping up at this pace could mean the first draft will be done within a month (approximately, assuming I write at least 2500 words per day).  Comparing that to Buddy Hero, which took me at least three months before completing the first draft, well, I’m in good shape.  And this first draft is shaping up much nicer than Buddy’s did, as I realize many of the mistakes I made in Buddy, and I’m keeping the pace up much better.

So, if things work out well, by the time I’m heading out in vacation in March, I could very well be ready to start submitting queries to agents, or at least very close.

But, that’s hopeful thinking.  I don’t want to rush the work on this, I want to get it done efficiently, but I also want to make sure this one works before I start sending it out.  I don’t want another situation where I lose the couple of agents who actually choose to read the material simply because I made some basic dumb mistakes in the writing.

All that being said, I’ve given the blog over 1000 words this morning, which means I should probably put my writing into RUN now and get through at least another 3000 words.  By the end of today, I will be well over the 20,000 mark.  I actually believe I can put a larger focus on writing today than I had been, so fingers are crossed, but I’d love to be at the 23,000 mark before closing my eyes tonight.  Having that goal met leading into the weekend should make it a lot easier to keep up the pace through the weekend, even though I have the tendency to have a lot less free time (and energy) on those two days of vacation.

All the same, pushing forward, and I believe we’ve got something amazing this time.


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