Falling behind

So, 2 days into my new plan for enforcing 2,500 words a day, and I’m already over 1000 words behind.  I really thought I was going to be able to catch up on my backlog yesterday, but got a call from the daycare and had to head off to pick the kids up early and it threw the rest of my day out of whack.  So, that means, in order to make goal, I have to cover 6,000+ words between today and tomorrow, placing me at the 21,000 mark by EOD Thursday.  It’s not an impossible task, only adding an extra 500 words a day, but seeing as I’ve been struggling this week already, due to an increasing lack of sleep. . . . well, it feels a bit daunting.

All the same, I’ve got an exciting bit of the book coming up, which should flow relatively easily, so here’s hoping that I can push through no problems. . . while also getting my increasingly disgusting house back in order.

All this while apparently suffering from a bout of pink eye.  Not sure how I got it, seeing as neither of the kids appear to be having the same illness, but it’s definitely pink eye.  That means my eyes are rolling around in my head like a couple of sandy marbles.  The Visine I’ve been liberally applying does help, but my eyes really are getting tired of reading things on a screen.

But, I shall power through, because that’s what I have to do.

So. . . yeah, I should probably get on that then.  Have a good one.


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