So, totally forgot to give an update on word count yesterday.  11,000.  I didn’t get around to writing at all over the course of the weekend.  I really wanted to, but couldn’t get the energy to do so.  That was a mistake, as yesterday was very difficult to get back into the swing of things.  As such, I’m instituting a new rule for myself that I will write 2,500 words a day, including weekends, until this draft is complete.  I know I’ll fail here and there, especially considering I seem to be getting more and more worse with regards to restfulness, however, that’s the rule I’m going to try my damnedest to follow.

And, of course, yesterday, the day I made the rule, I technically didn’t actually follow it.  I’m only up to 13,000 words as of this morning, meaning I was 500 words shy.  I did, however, do a bit of editing on the first page yesterday to get it a bit more worthy to submit to’s pagetofame ‘contest’.  For those not in the know, which I’m assuming is most, for the first round of this contest, you submit a basic synopsis and first page of the book in question for review by a series of raters.  These raters can be anyone who goes to the site and signs up, so what you’re really working on is getting an idea of what people’s first impression is with the book.

Buddy Hero did not fare too well in its submission.  I believe it had approximately a 45% approval rating.  Now, granted, this was the short-lived young adult version of Buddy, but considering how little was actually there, the first impressions were not great.

With RUN, I’m not expecting much, but figured I might as well use the time to get some ideas of people’s first impressions.  It probably won’t do too much in changing the original premise of the novel, but it will give me a basic idea of whether or not people will actually be interested, namely agents.

I’m aware that random raters on a random internet site are a bit different than literary agents, but, honestly, with Buddy, I was seeing a pretty similar response on both sides, just very little interest in the premise of the book.

So, we’ll see how RUN fares.  If I’m lucky, it will do well and it will give me an additional boost in moving forward.  My gamble here could go the other way, and I could once again see little interest, which may make it difficult to continue moving forward. . .


Let’s hope for the first :-).


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