So, although I’ve been sticking with an early bedtime and actually getting to sleep in slightly more than usual due to kids not waking up insanely early in the morning, I’ve still been finding myself incredibly tired this week.  It could be due to the fact that I got very little sleep at all last week, but all the same, I have been having a very difficult time actually getting my brain to start working every morning.

Of course, once I begin writing, that usually changes, as I spend my time deeply engrossed in telling a story about a young man running against the clock, and it tends to be a little, well, exciting.

But, the even more interesting part of that is, while I’m telling story about someone who is pushing their body to the limits, trying to run as fast as he can because he has no other choice, well. . . it becomes exhausting.  When I write, I become slightly closed off to the real world.  During the actual time I’m putting words on ‘paper’, the rest of the world disappears, and I find myself connecting with the subject of my writings a little too closely.  So, even though I’m sitting here on my ass, I find myself having to stop writing much earlier than I would like to because I’m feeling like I had just run a marathon.  Or, in the case of how out of shape I’ve become these last few years. . . just ran down the stairs.

I get the same way when I read a good book, as I believe more people do.  But it seems so much more intense while actually crafting the story, because, as the writer, you’re the one making the decisions on how to react to any given situation.  It’s almost as if you really are becoming the person in question.

Now, that’s obviously a tad exaggerated, or I would probably have some issues with recognizing reality.  However, it is an amazing feeling to put these characters into whatever situation you decide to place them in and then have to think like them and make decisions as though they would.  A part of you, at least for a moment, becomes that character, needing to feel all the different options pulling on you and choosing one, not necessarily because it’s the best option for the character, but the one that they themselves would choose, even if it’s going to make the storytelling a bit harder down the line.

That become especially true while writing yesterday.  I had fully planned out the next few pieces of the story which included what I intended to be a rather short exchange between the protagonist and a fairly non-descript person.  I really had intended it to just be a couple of lines exchanged between them.  That was until I actually had the two meet, and realized that although Cyrus (tentative name for protagonist) would be wanting the discussion to be short and sweet, these character had other things in mind.

That’s, luckily, where I ended up having to stop for the day yesterday, as I really had no clue what could occur during this meeting that would be of importance enough for the reader, and if I had continued writing yesterday, would have probably just written something completely worthless.  Instead, after having a night to think about it, I realized more of what this relatively minor character’s intentions were and how they were going to immediately begin to negatively effect Cyrus’ efforts.

But at the end of the writing day yesterday, I found myself responding to this situation the same way Cyrus did, which is basically that I really didn’t want to have to talk to this guy anymore and wanted to move on to the next location.  But, now I know, and so will Cyrus soon, that this is a pretty darn important conversation.  And it will change the course of the run he’s on pretty quickly.

On that note, I was pretty darn amazed with myself yesterday.  I really didn’t expect to get too much writing done, because of many distractions that were scheduled to occur.  However, I once again kept up with the 2500+ word count for the day and am now well over 9000 words total.  That means that I will very quickly pass the 10,000 word count by the end of the day today.  If I keep up this pace, the first draft will be done in absolutely no time.  And that’s good, because I might end up like the runner of the original marathon if I write this story for too long.  🙂


Have a great weekend.


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