Occupational Hazards

So, first things first, yesterday can be considered a success.  Not only did I fulfill my occupational duties, I also got a great deal of the grossness that was my house cleaned, wrote all my articles for the week for leadme.org, AND got 1300+ words down for RUN (working title).  Seeing as I decided to rewrite the opening to clean up some of the more heavy expositional issues, that puts me at just a little over 1300 words total so far.  But still, that’s a pretty good day.

On to the topic at hand.  Work. . . ugh.

If I didn’t have a job, I doubt I’d ever get the energy up to write, and so with that in mind, I have to give a hearty thanks to the idiots that I have to deal with on a daily basis, as they give me a great deal of motivation to get back into writing.  Even when I was struggling with what to do next, days like the one I’m having today at work had the habit of pushing me to do something with my intended career.

And so it was today that when I got push back from one of these uneducated on the processes employed at my place of business that I found myself getting the keyboard prepped with a hot cup of coffee beside it to sit down for another long period of crafting amazement in word form.

It’s actually pretty funny.  If it weren’t for these people that I really shouldn’t have to deal with at all, I’d really be incredibly happy with my job.  It’s easy, it allows me to get through my ever-growing Netflix queue, and it pays pretty darn well.  But when I deal with these people, there’s nothing I can do to stop thinking about how to get out of my current occupational situation.  So, with that being said, I do have to regrettably give thanks to people like KB, or MJ, and even JF, for their contributions to my motivation.

On the other hand, suddenly I have to take JT off that list, for the time being, as she just made my day a whole lot better.

With that being said, my writing warmup is now complete, and it’s time to put down another 1300+ words of my epic cross-country journey.


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