I’ve Got Nuthin’ – Terrible Flash Fiction Alert

Earlier this week I was filled with all sorts of creative spirit for this space and promised great things.  But lack of sleep over the days in between has made it that much more difficult for the gears to spin.

My writing in general has been suffering this week.  Although, I did finally piece together the storyline for Book 2 in the Defenders Saga and I have to say that I am incredibly excited to get crackin’ on that.  I plan on putting the first words to (electronic) paper this afternoon, and if the opening plays out in words as amazingly as it does in my head, well, let’s just say that there will be a much more amazing ride for Buddy and Co this time around than in book one.  I’m also now deeply considering a change in the title.  The focus on the book has shifted slightly, and therefore might force me to move the name of Book 3 up to the Book 2 spot.  Nothing for certain yet, as I haven’t even begun my first sentence officially yet, but you can probably expect book 2 to be titled The Rise of the Fat Mogul.

So, for something more exciting (in theory) than telling you that I’ve really done very little in the writing world lately, I will go ahead and improvise a story for you right now.  Disclaimer, I don’t know what it is going to be about, and I don’t proof anything on this site. . . so, could be crap.

Once upon a time there was a lizard named Luigi.  Like many other lizards, he was green, had scaly skin, and ran at the sight of anything.  Unlike other lizards, he could talk.

One day, while Luigi was exploring his jungle, he came across a clearing.  The clearing was unlike any clearing in the jungle he had ever seen before.  The ground was hard and black, and the rocks grew up from the ground in great cubes.  But even more amazing were the creatures he saw in the clearing.  There were so many different creatures.  Some were going in and out of the square rocks, walking only on two legs.  Others stood on four legs, but their legs didn’t seem to move as they ran quickly across the hard ground.

As is standard for a lizard, Luigi ran.

A couple of days later, he came across the same clearing again.  His legs started moving as fast as they could to take him far away from this inconceivable sight, but then his curiosity got the best of him.  He slowly inched his way into the clearing, so as to get a better look at the amazing creatures within.  Every step he took, he had to fight his natural instinct to run.  Finally, he closed his eyes and imagined he had seen something behind him.  He bolted full speed into the middle of the clearing, no clue where he was headed until he ran into something firm, but soft.  He slowly looked up and saw one of the two legged creatures towering over him.  He bolted, but everywhere he looked there were more of these creatures.

A claw-less hand hovered over him as he ran in circles, looking for a way free from the dangers he had placed himself into.  Although he tried his best, the hand finally bested him and held him in a strong grip, pulling him toward the face of the enormous creature.  The creature looked at him and said, “Hey there little guy!”

Luigi looked up, confused that this creature could speak.  However, there were more pressing matters at hand at this point.  “Get your slimy hands off of me you filthy cretin!” Luigi yelled as he attempted to wriggle free.

This appeared to have shocked the creature as he jumped and loosened his grip on Luigi.  The little lizard took no time to think about what had happened and moved as fast as his awkward limbs could carry him.  He ran back into the jungle to hide from his would-be captor.


To be continued. . . maybe


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