Down with the Sickness

I’ve long debated what to do with this site.  I nabbed the domain a number of years ago when I thought I could actually make it producing films (a task which is still somehow more emotionally draining than trying to sell a book).  I like the name, get a lot of use out of the e-mail address, and named one of the characters in Buddy Hero after it.  But I haven’t really had a good use for it.  A few months back I decided it would be worthwhile to use it to document the emotional ups and downs involved in trying to sell a book.  I think I’ve done a fairly good job of that.  But it’s just not interesting writing.  It’s boring (as stated yesterday).

So, I was very close to shutting the whole thing down as I debated this in my mind throughout the evening yesterday.  I was ready to finally admit that I just didn’t have any good use for this space.

The crap I’ve previously written may not be literary gold, but I just can’t bring myself to delete it.  There are some things on here I consider embarrassing and am more than eager to delete, but I have decided I shall not allow it, even if it is boring as frak.

But the future will be brighter.  I have some fun plans in store to make this much more than the lame documenting of the life of a dude who works in the health insurance industry who wishes for something more  (I don’t care who you are, you aren’t going to buy that memoir).

And I had fully intended on this brighter future to begin today.  I was hit with a great spat of inspiration last night before bed and came up with all sorts of plans for what I can do here to make things more interesting.

Then my kid got sick.

And I didn’t sleep.

But I’m going to do that now.


Maybe after a nap I’ll feel ready to attack this space.  Just not right now.



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