On how I realized I was boring. . .

So, I realized something today.  Holy crap is this blog boring.  I mean, how much can one person write about how he’s waiting for people to get back to him and have people actually care about it.  Of course, I don’t currently have much for regular readership on this blog, so, either that’s an answer to the question, or a reason to not care :-).

Yeah, I know, I’ve been quite a bit mentally preoccupied when I finally get around to writing in this space.  It’s pathetic.  So, let’s forget about the fact that I’ve had a mental block when writing here on anything outside of “will he, won’t she?” and think about other such inane things.

Such as  the fact that I took this past weekend off from the world and took the family out to the middle of nowhere.  It just so happens that the middle of nowhere is exactly where my father in law lives, and so, it was a perfect opportunity for the little ones to hang out with Grandpa for a bit and me to live away from the internet.  Got some more reading done, and realized that I was a tad too hard on Rick Riordan, as, although his style of writing in The Lightning Thief annoyed me, I was rather taken in by the story. . . So, sorry, Mr. Riordan, you deserve some credit for creating a fun world and an enthralling story, even if I wasn’t a giant fan of the voice used to get me through it.

And although I did spend some time working through the outlines of the two works-in-progress I’ve got going on, I spent a great deal of time just forgetting about all the stupid waiting I was doing.  It helped to not have access to e-mail, so I wouldn’t be obsessively hitting the Get Mail button waiting for some happy response hiding in there somewhere.  And, although I do get phone reception up there, it’s generally pretty spotty, and nothing to rely upon.  So, although I was still waiting, I knew there was no way to get any news until returning to civilization yesterday.

And I’m refreshed.  I won’t lie and say that the Get Mail button hasn’t gotten its fair use throughout the day so far, but I’m feeling much more ready to attack the publishing world with whatever’s at my disposal, instead of just sitting around being too anxious to really get anything worthwhile done.

But the publishing world isn’t even where my mind is now, it’s back in the creative spectrum, ready to get back to what I love, and finally move out of this outlining phase I’ve been stuck in and do some actual writing once again.  Although that will unfortunately have to wait until tomorrow, as the sleeping infant in my arms is severely impeding my typing speed.


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