Waiting and Spamming

So, I know I stated last week that I should hopefully have news within a few days.  It would appear that I was a tad too optimistic.  I’m still waiting to hear back from a few people, but  I really have no good idea of when, or what.  I’m in the pile, but several piles, which is a bit nicer than being in no piles.

I’m also filling a great many slush piles with my spamming of the world’s literary agents (ok, limited to North American agents).  Not much is coming back yet, but I figure it’s a great way to utilize this restless energy I have flowing as I anxiously wait to hear back from these folks I wish would be happy to become my representative.  There is one in particular I really wish would decide to be my book’s best friend. .  .but we’ll just have to see how things move.  He’s been sitting with the manuscript for over a month now, so I’m really hoping that means he’s nearing completion on his decision and that his decision is he needs to represent this fictional tale of wonderment and mystery. . .

On the other side of things, my real life job, you know, the one that actually pays the bills, is getting to be a bit more hopeful looking.  I have now had my third interview for a promotion I’ve been looking at.  I’m not necessarily all that excited about the shift in my responsibilities (were I to get the promotion), but I could definitely use the extra cash.  And it would include some solo-travel time, which should, hopefully, allow me to finally have some real time to dedicate to writing these two new books I keep wishing I had more time to spend on. . .

I spend a lot of time on here complaining about the whole shopping for representation process, but my life is pretty darn good.  Finally starting to catch up on household tasks, you know, the ones which need to be done before the winter hits.  And my son is finally getting to the point where he actually likes to hang out with me, meaning that I’m getting to the point where I don’t have to stay up to the wee hours of the night just to jot down a few ideas and try to fit them into the outlines of my current creative projects.

And, honestly, if I had good reason to (hint: someone willing to represent me advises to do so) I would have plenty of time to get these projects moving forward. . . I’ve just been busy spending a lot of my free time trying to hunt out and query agents who I think would be great for trying to help me sell this book in the over-crowded, economically distressed, publishing market.  They are out there, and we will find each other soon (if we haven’t already) and they’ll help me have the time to spend working creatively instead of just trying to find my selling-soul-mate.

So, yeah, life’s good.  I’d love to have someone selling my book for me right now. . . I’d really love it.  But, I’m starting to see the light where I should have the time to work on finding that person while also getting some writing done.

Oh, and in other news, in my finding lost time, I’ve started finding the time to read again, which I have been greatly enjoying.  Although, the book I’m reading right now is The Lightning Thief (you know the young adult book they made a movie out of) and I’m severely disappointed.  I mean, the movie didn’t really give me too much hope for the book, but I was kinda hoping it was like the Chris Colombus take on Harry Potter, in that the books were much more thoughtful and magical than the movies.  The books, which are, granted, supposed to be written in the voice of a 6th grader, are rather juvenile.  I don’t really believe the voice to be that of a 6th grader, or of a competent writer.  It just kind of jumps all over the place.  There’s so many beautiful ideas which begin to blossom throughout (I do love the Greco-Roman gods) but just seem to be tossed by the wayside in the attempt to capitalize on the young adult fantasy genre that the publishing world loves so much.  That being said, I’m still not putting the book down until I complete it.

Although I believe this book epitomizes what is wrong with a lot of today’s young adult literature, there is a heart hiding within the story.  I just wish that Mr. Riordan could get it out a little better. . .

On the brighter side, sticking to the fantasy theme, I believe I’ll go with something I already love, a bit of Robert Asprin.  Sure, he’s no literary genius by any means, but he really did a great job in creating a believable world, which was almost Douglas Adams’-esque, while also keeping true to his own comedic style.  I picked one up I have yet to read from the Myth series whilst at the book store a few weeks back, so I think that’s next. . . and then I suppose I should probably dig into something a bit more deeper.  My wife’s been trying to get me to read the Neon Bible.  It’s sitting on my pile, so perhaps that’s the one to go for.

There’s an amazing similarity between reading and writing, one which keeps me coming back to both.  Whether you are reading or writing, you find yourself becoming connected to these characters and can’t wait to see what happens next.  It’s amazing how much more true this is when talking about writing.  At one point in the course of writing Buddy Hero, I quipped to a fellow author/friend about how I wish someone else would finish the book for me so I could know how it ends.  Unfortunately no one else did, so it took me another 3 months to get to know the end of my own story.  Every step of the way I found my characters getting into situations I wasn’t sure where they were leading (causing me to redevelop my outline for the book many times over) and every step of the way I became pleasantly surprised with how they moved to the next step of the story.

And I think that’s what really indicates a good writer (not that I’m stating I’m included in that group) is that they get invested deeply enough in their work that they can’t wait to see where the story leads.  It’s definitely what helped me stay on target and finish the book, and it’s what’s helped me to truly believe in this book, and series, as a great piece of work.  Let’s just hope someone else notices that as well (and soon) because I’d really love to be able to dedicate my time to the next story in Buddy Jackson’s tale.

(I know this post was all over the place. . . I’ve been wanting to write for a while, so I may have gotten a little overzealous, and since I don’t proof this blog at all, for the purposes of keeping the emotion as true as possible, you get to reap the benefits of a crazy amount of rambling)


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