Life?  Seriously?

So, things have been a crazy rollercoaster of emotions within my head today.  My actual job has put me up for a possible promotion, which I’m totally more than likely going to get, but then, of course, I suck up the actual interview for it, so who really knows about that now.  I get some real interest showing in my book, while also getting 5 times as many rejections at the same time.

Now, of course, ears probably perked up at me stating that there’s interest in my book.  Don’t get too excited.  I did, which is why it’s added onto the rollercoaster, but, well, it’s not exactly anything. . . . yet.  I should know more in a couple of days, I hope.

Add into all of that the fact that all of a sudden my phone seems to be the collector of wrong number dials, and you see a man who’s jumping every second thinking that there might be an unrecognized area code (perhaps 212) blinking on his cell’s screen, only to find that it’s some old lady who apparently responds to someone answering the phone by merely yelling TOM over and over again (true story, mostly).

Overall, things are looking up, but unfortunately not quite up enough yet to become officially optimistic, which is sad because I miss being optimistic.  I don’t like having to save my hopes from the possibility of being dashed.  My hopes want to fly free, taking me to far off places where they can roam the country-side and dream of sugar-. . . yeah, okay, that’s enough.

Anyhoo, if all goes well, I very well may have some good news to spread within the next week, but that’s assuming that the literary community actually knows how to stick to a timetable, which, from what I’ve read on the internet . . . right.

In other news, actually beginning to move forward for realsies on the writing front again.  Not much momentum quite yet, but it’s building.  And if I can get those damned leaves raked up this weekend, I think next week will be a week of word crafting, which would be wonderful, because I haven’t done nearly enough of that in the past few weeks.

For now, signing off.  I’m going to find a beer.


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