The Fear Sets In. . .

So, I’m beginning to get pretty darn anxious.  I’ve obviously been anxious for a while, as this blog very easily attests, but the anxiety that is settling within my chest cavity at the moment is, well, debilitating.  I’m days away from starting to sell my book and I’m realizing that my worst fear is upon me. . . I have to market myself.

I hate selling in general, but if there’s something I hate selling most, it’s me.  I never really liked the dating scene, because I never felt capable of convincing people I was worthwhile to hang around. . . probably because I’ve always had an issue with believing I wasn’t worth hanging around.

So now, not only am I selling myself, but I’m selling something I created, something I am solely responsible for, something very few other people have actually critiqued.  Something I think is great!  So how frightening is it then to have something I actually think is worthwhile and try to sell it?  What if people don’t like it, what if people don’t care?  How the hell do I even get the word out when I am phobic about self-promotion.  It’s annoying as hell to know that I’m going to have to fight every urge in my body and actually speak highly of something I’ve created so I can convince other people it’s worthwhile plopping down a few bucks for.

The details are still a bit hazy, as I’m currently awaiting my second proof to come in, which may still require modifications (especially since it’s got a new cover I’m still not completely sold on).  I’m also not certain on the price for it either.  There are a few variables I’m waiting on and working on coming to some conclusions on, such as foreign sales. . . (seems kinda dumb to even think about at this point, I know. . . )

So, in other words, my brain has been stuck in the marketing world for the past few weeks and has been petrified in moving forward.  But, the next important step is to send out some Advanced Review Copies to bloggers and reviewers in order to get at least a little buzz around this thing.  So, if any of the 2 readers of this blog have their own blog, or know of someone who might be interested in doing such a thing on their’s, shoot me a message and I’ll definitely be willing to send out a copy.


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