zapping ‘that’s

So. . . been a busy couple weeks in the world of Buddy Hero.  The revision process I’ve been working on has been a slow process as I try to make sure that everything is as polished as possible.  I finally came across the real problem section today, a section where I was stuck doing nothing but explaining things which could already be assumed by the dialogue.

But yesterday I finally did something that I’ve been meaning to do for quite some time. . . I started zapping ‘that’s.  I had noticed I used the word THAT quite a bit throughout my work.  In fact, I use it quite a bit in all of my writing. .  something I really need to work on.

However, I had been keeping an eye on the number of thats in my book and slowly removing them as I noticed them, trying to keep from being a THAT machine.  Yesterday I finally went through all 1000+ of them, using the FIND function to look at each one of them.  I removed over 400 of them yesterday.  These were the simple removals, the ones where the word was completely unnecessary, the ones where all I had to do was hit the delete key and the rest of the sentence did not need to be changed.  That leaves another 600 of them for me to go through on a much more specific basis, seeing where I can rephrase things better and just get rid of as many THATs as possible.

But in the meantime, I started looking toward other words that I could replace/remove and I came across  This nifty site creates a word cloud based on the text you submitted, using the most oft-utilized words to create an image of the text.  Below is my book created as a piece of word art. . . it actually gives quite a good glimpse as to what occurs within.

I like it.



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