Not so big Papa

I’ve been so consumed by this stupid process of selling my book that up until the last week, it was all I could think of.  I was constantly planning and scheming on ways to make the process work faster.  I think I’ve finally reached the acceptance portion of the grief process here, and realize things will work on their own time.  Plus, I’ve got some great ideas for ways to make things better in the book, so I’m well focused on that as well. . . already lost 10 pages of stuff in cleaning up the first 60, so, here’s hoping the stuff I add back in is much more golden.  It’s running a lot smoother, though, so that’s great.

But, there’s something much more important of which to speak.  In a little over a month, right after my daughter’s 2nd birthday, I’m going to have a son.

I haven’t really expressed my excitement over this much, as I’ve been so busy with everything else, as, as previously mentioned, my mind has been too overwhelmingly consumed with this process of selling.

But I’m really excited about kid number two.  I’ve loved being a father. My daughter is awesome.  In fact, she and I had our first weekend without mom this weekend, and got to really hang out, and I realized exactly how awesome she really is.

I love it when she comes into my office with her latest drawing (which are mostly squiggles as this point) and proudly displays it for me, awaiting my validation of her feat.  I love it.  And having a second one of these around to give my love to, well. . . it’s awesome.

And that’s why I’ve been so consumed with this book.  I know that my current occupation doesn’t offer much for them for the future.  And perhaps my writing isn’t strong enough to do so either, but writing is something I really enjoy, so at the very least, they would have a much more content papa around if I were to make that my occupation, over health insurance. . .

So, that, of course, gives me even more dedication to the process, to know that I want to be able to leave my children a legacy they can be proud of. But even more so that I can be the best father I can be to these children, and being satisfied occupationally is one of those necessary steps to getting there. . .

Anyways, so, yeah, it all comes back down to writing, because I’ve kinda made that the focus of this blog, but in reality, I’m just really excited to have kid #2 come along.


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