So. . . got the big rejection I was expecting on Monday.  And although my options are not currently dead in the water, the notes I received on the rejection were as I had expected, and what I would expect from anyone who reads the current incarnation of the book.

This project is much larger of a task than I expected when I initially took it on.  Obviously I expected it would take a lot of work to get my finished product polished enough to be published, but I never really even considered how difficult it would be to get an agent to even be initially interested in my work, much less actually decide to represent it.

So, I feel a lot like I’m back to square one with the selling process.  And that sucks.

But, on the bright side, although I’m only approximately a tenth of the way through my new revisions, things are getting cleaned up quickly, and I’ve already found a storyline I had forgotten to elaborate on, which is beginning to shape up quite nicely.

I’ve cut out approximately 2,000 words from my initial 70,000 just in the first 30 pages alone.  That means, out of the 7,000 words I’ve reviewed so far, I’ve knocked out 2/7ths of them.

That’s pretty huge.

Now, granted, the word count shouldn’t decrease quite as drastically here on out, as there were some big changes I’ve made to the first 30 pages to make it move faster into the action, but all the same, this is going to be quite the butt kicking revision.  I have therefore named this edition the Bionic Edition.  It will be bigger, stronger, and faster, than ever before.

Not that it will be any easier to sell. . .


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