Soo. . . I’ve never really been too good about the transition from winter to spring.  All of a sudden I go from being unable to leave my house for fear of freezing my butt off to having approximately one billion things which need to get done.

I’ve survived through a yard sale, cleaning my house in an out, raking the yard, mowing it after the sixty thousand rainfalls we’ve had lately, cleaning my garage, and beginning the late prep work on the gardens, and I don’t feel like I’ve gotten anywhere.

There’s just too much to do.  And yet, I find myself still overcome with thoughts about my manuscript.  There are plenty of good things going on, at least as far as people being interested and taking a gander at the manuscript, but I find myself constantly thinking about what I could be doing differently to get more people interested and start getting some finalized decisions happening here.  Now, of course, I’d rather have some happy answers than hundreds of unhappy ones, and right now I’ve got a few happy bites going on, which is awesome.

But, then, of course, the super anxious part of me kicks in and I start biting my nails fearing that each day will be the day one of these people who had their interest piqued will tell me that they just don’t like it.  I’ve already had one of those, and that made me sad.  And, I had to do something today which could very well bring about a few of those unhappy notes very shortly.

But then that, of course, brings me back to the business aspect of selling this puppy.  I’m not good at business relations. . . I’m just not good at business anything.  I just want to write.  I’d really like to be getting paid to write.  Instead I find myself in between writing tasks as my brain is having a hard time grasping what all I need to do in order to walk the fine business line of selling this thing. . . and, of course, I’m not even actually selling it for money yet, I’m just selling it to people who could hopefully help me sell it in the future.

It’s a crapshoot, and I’m right in the middle of it.  And probably doing everything in the one way which will cause me to fail before I’m even given a chance.

I do have some rewrites to do though, so perhaps I should get back to that. . . maybe then I can have a better chance at winning with those who actually want to read the book.


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