and waiting. . .

I really hate waiting.

It’s not like I’m not busy.  I’m still trying to recover from the weekend’s crazy event of trying to run a yard sale while hanging out with the family that was in town for the graduation weekend (not my graduation. . . ).  The house is a mess and I’m trying to put the pieces back together while also getting through work.

But, the entire time I just keep thinking about what I could be doing better in the world of trying to sell this book of mine.  I’ve never been a salesperson.  I mean, I worked as a salesperson once, but I got fired for sucking at it.  I don’t really like trying to convince people to buy things they don’t want.  So, even though I believe in this product with my entire soul, I still find it hard to push it on anyone.  And, of course, seeing as I only have approximately 200 words in which to convince a person that they want to read it and tell me whether they actually like it or not. . . well. . . I’m screwed.

So, I sit here waiting, going over my query letter to see how I can make it much more of a market-friendly product, and hoping to hear back from the people I have things out to.  I am, of course, most interested in the ones who are currently reading what I’ve got, but every single one of these people that I’ve sent something to is piling on to my anxious nail-biting inability to wait.

So, what do I do?

Not much.  I go through my daily life as normal, just adding in a few hundred extra pushes of the ‘GET MAIL’ button on my e-mail program.  The funny thing is, I’m pretty confident already.  I feel very little fear that I will never sell this thing.  That’s how much I believe in it.  This isn’t about fear.  It’s just completely about the waiting.  Sure, the people who are currently reading my masterpiece might not decide that it’s for them.  I understand that.  Heck, I still haven’t made it to the month mark on trying to sell this thing, and it’s only been a couple of weeks since I decided that it should be a young adult novel. . . meaning I’ve only actually been ready to sell my current product for approximately 4 days.

I know that this process is a long one, and I am very early in on in it.  And I think that’s where the lack of patience comes in, knowing that I’m supposed to be patient.

I suck at being patient.  Waiting the nine months for my first kid was the worst I’ve ever been (before now) on patience.  And, of course, now I’m waiting on my second kid while also waiting for responses on this book.  But, I know when the end of the waiting for the little one is.  My book could take years.  Or longer…

But I live, and, once again, I’m not whining.  Just explaining, again, how my brain is going through this process, as I know it is doing for the thousands of other people out there in the same position I’m in.  Many of whom have been waiting for even longer than I have.

Time to hit the GET MAIL button again. . .


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