So, I realize that I’ve come off a bit whiney lately about the whole book-selling process.  It’s dumb, I know.  It hasn’t even been a month since I’ve started looking for representation, and I’ve got one agent interested enough to read my full manuscript, so why should I be so whiney about it.

The truth is, I don’t really feel that whiney about it.  Anxious, sure, but I’m not really whining, even if it comes off that way here.

I’m excited, to be completely honest.  I’m still in the early stages of selling this thing.  I’ve got many many more avenues to go down, if necessary, and it will be sold.  I’d like that to happen before I turn thirty, but the likelihood of that happening is, of course, minimal.  But that doesn’t really matter.

I wrote something good. Something I believe in.  Sure, I might have decided to make the change over to a young adult novel, but that wasn’t due to a lack of faith in the product, it was because I believe I may have found a way to make it even better.  And after performing two entire re-writes in a 10 day period, I’m still really friggin’ happy with what I’ve put together.

So, when I whine, it’s not because I think I’m some victim here.  It’s not even really whining.   It’s an annoyance at the stupid process that is involved in selling a book (seeing as I’m up to 31 denials where the people just have no interest in even the basic concept).

Anyways, just thought I should clear that up.  I’m still able to respond positively when the next rejection comes in.  It was a little depressing to get 3 on Friday, but it just led me to believe that I wasn’t really interested in having those people work for me anyways.  Yay sour grapes!

And there’s always the possibility that I will never find representation.  I can handle that as well.  I can handle anything, because I know that what I’ve got is great, even if it may need some work.  I have confidence in my project, no matter what some random person I sent a random e-mail responds with.  Luckily none of those responses have been anything outside of a form e-mail, so I haven’t had to deal with someone telling me that what I have is complete crap yet.  That’s a good thing.

Perhaps that’s what to come from the person who is currently in possession of my work. . .


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