Flyin’ High

So, not quite 2 hours after I wrote my previous post, basically begging anyone to take an interest. . . not a strong moment. . . I received a request for some pages from one of the agencies I queried.

Sure, she’ll probably pass once she reads my first sentence or two, but it does at least mean that I’m getting closer.  Fingers are obviously crossed that she’ll ‘get’ it and want to see the rest of the ‘script, but I’m cynical enough to realise that as a newcomer to the field of writing, I probably still have some work to do on getting those important first few pages agent-(and therefore public-)ready.

All the same, seeing as I got excited when I got my first denial, meaning that I was suddenly officially a part of the process, getting my first piqued interest only means I’m that much closer to finding some sort of success.

However, even though this is a pretty exciting moment, I’m already done with this selling thing.  I just want to get back to the writing.




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