So, I know that I’m not an agent’s wet dream by any means.  I’ve written a sci-fi super-hero NOVEL.  Not a comic book or graphic novel.  Just words on a page.

And it’s not exactly focused on the young adult market (which it probably should be).  It’s not dystopia.  It doesn’t have vampires or zombies.

I also understand that I haven’t been querying for even a week yet, so any form of thought based on the denials I’ve been receiving isn’t really worthwhile.  I’m looking at gut reactions here.  Not actual responses to my book as much a response to my attempt to sell my book.

So, I’ve re-written my query letter to make it much more immediately curiosity-piquing, but I’ve found myself in a new dilemma, which is an incredibly stupid one to have at such an early point in the selling portion of my book.  I find myself thinking I should rewrite this puppy for the young adult market.  It really wouldn’t take too much work, and if I could have something which much more directly states that this ‘could’ be the next Harry Potter, then they might be more willing to immediately respond.

But, of course, to say that I’ve got anything near the next Harry Potter, or Twilight, or whatever other outrageous claim of amazing selling potential this thing has, would be dumb, as I have absolutely no understanding of the publishing world, and/or what sells.

But what I do know is that I’ve got a good read.  Maybe it could be better. . . I’m willing to listen to ideas, but I know that it’s a story many people can connect with, and one which really should bring the reader to want to hear more about the exploits of Buddy Hero and his crazy band of misfits.  At least I do. . . so, I’d love to have a reason to write more about them, outside of just me wanting to write more about them, as I think my wife would kill me if I just wrote for myself.

So, for any agents reading this, just know that I’m willing to sell out in any way necessary.  My book is not a work of art, it’s entertainment, and I’m willing to take notes on what might make it more entertaining.  And, you know, sell out if needed. . .


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