Busy busy me

I have been crazy busy lately.

I went on vacation with my family, taking my wife and daughter to the sandy cold beaches of Myrtle Beach.  It was good times.  And then I finally finalized the re-write on my book.

I’m well aware I have to do more re-writing, as I don’t expect it to be a completed process until there’s a cover with my name on it wrapped around some beautiful smelling brown-ish pages.  But, I became comfortable enough with it to finally start shipping out some query letters.  So, now I’m spamming the literary agents of the world.  Trying to show them all that they are being contacted by the person who just wrote the next Harry Potter. . .

And, just a mere 24 hours after shipping out my first letter, and I have already received my first response.  A denial, of course.  Probably not the fastest denial in the history of querying agents, but it was pretty darn quick.  That’s fine by me, at least I know someone has had to take the time enough on one of my queries to hit the auto-respond denial button.

So, it begins. The awful waiting to be denied process.  The process which will end in someone giving me some money, no matter what it takes.  And those 5 dollars I receive will go right into my daughter’s college fund to be lost when the banks collapse.


I’m optimistic, really, but, you know, impatient.


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